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    Frank farr

    Anybody got a spare five minutes watch this old boy from my village ferreting ,highly amusing ,great character worth a watch .

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    tried to put a link in but IT not my thing ,just punch his name in to u tube ,and he comes up .

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    if this the clip Tom ??

    living legend, especialy at that age 8)

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    Where is he from exactly?
    I grew up in Devon and I was glad of the subtitles!
    I met a chap out pigeon shooting earlier this year who seemed pretty old too. We had a chat and then he jumped in his car and went home as he was a bit cold. Turns out he was 92 years young!
    I hope I'm still going at that age.

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    Fair play to the old bugger!

    When l was younger l used to ferret with my dad and an old bloke called Ted Neal. Ted was late eighties when l first started going out (he was at Dunkirk and told us all sorts of stories about the things he had seen). later worked for Bucks County Council on the maintenance of the tenant farms (before they were all sold in the Claydon area)

    I remember him complaining about the cold - but refused to go unless there was a frost! He moved slow too - that was until he saw a rabbit in a net, and not even me aged 11-12 could beat him to a netted rabbit (he would of been early nineties.)

    He had some lovely guns too - a lovely H&H rook rifle/chambered and bored to .410.


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