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Thread: Best car and 4X4 you ever HAD?

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    Best car and 4X4 you ever HAD?

    List here your best car and shooting vehicle you have been lucky enough to own... Mine are a BMW 123d m sport that had more power than a 80's Coswoth and faster than a Golf Gti and double the MPg. Best shooting vehicle was an automatic Suzuki Jimny that ran like a Swiss watch and fox never even heard it!

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    4.7 V8 Toyota landcruiser amazon on LPG 200000 trouble free miles so far

    05 speed yellow 911 Carrera 's' 22000 fast/exciting miles so far !

    cant imagine ill ever change these?

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    Popcorns out already I can see this one running for a while, being a pauper I'd have to go with the vw passat the other half claims and my td5 disco 2 .

    ps had some right crap in between.
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    1994 defender 90 300tdi which I bought 1996 with 46,000mls and sold 2010 with 197,000mls rolled it over once 1999 not nice at all we walked away though,,,,,,,,,, flat as a pancake new roof sides and body tub later good as ever went everywhere best gripping offroad 4X4 by far but always seemed to be screwing fixing replacing something....... all part of the fun though lol..

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    Morris marina pick up in mustard yellow and Suzuki sj 413 classics

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    has to be my old suzuki vitara petrol in hairdressers metalic red "good for a laugh on a shoot day" wish i still had it,but the man from the mot station who is not from delmonte,he say no,have a diesel grand vitara now great truck but rubbish on fuelClick image for larger version. 

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    3litre Savage Cortina, worth more than a 1bedroom flat these days...

    1980's Landrover Pickup... Anything playing up, a good swipe with a hammer fixed it
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    1998 Scoda Felicia diesel pick up, only front wheel drive, but went everywhere I needed to go.
    Easy comfortable drive, that did 55 to 60 mpg no matter how you drove it, or how heavy the load.
    Wish I still had it, particularly now as I'm looking at a change of car.


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    Ford Escort RS2000
    Mitsubishi L200 Mk1 SWB pickup with rebuilt fuel injected Gallant-EVO engine
    VW T4 2.5 5 cylinder diesel.
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    Best Outright? Either 911 Cab or BMW 335d Touring. The BMW was faster than the 911 from 40-70 and could return twice the mpg, but just wasn't the 911 Cab in which I did The Beaujolais Run

    Best Shooting? Jeep Grand Cherokee. Solid bit of kit, built to cross the US. However, can't get decent offroad tyres over here, crap suspension and even crappier mpg, even though the 3.0d engine was the best thing to come out of the doomed Mercedes/Chrysler marriage.

    All said, I'd choose the Jeep for where my life is right now though. Dead animals, rifles, guns, 3 kids and soon to have a Lab. Try getting THAT lot in a 911...
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