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    Looks promising

    I put up a doe box (pic 1) last year on some new permission but I'm still waiting for the old wood to be cleared and re planted. Decided to pay it a visit on Thursday and filmed (pic 2) on my iPhone then couldn't get a shot at a nice buck. 10 minutes later this boy (pic 3) wondered along. The place has some potential

    CC372FBF-69AC-43C9-8B47-078F32B30187-5802-000004578F8C97A3.jpg Photo by wingy1968 | Photobucket

    B272A270-C41D-4D63-97A9-9C9F7278C78F-5802-0000045677FCDEEE.mp4 Video by wingy1968 | Photobucket

    3CF79ADC-035C-47F2-8057-A45D01E4E45B-5802-0000045798FF7EBE.jpg Photo by wingy1968 | Photobucket

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    Looks like that doe box is going to be your home from home

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    Nice high seat & buck

    Got to my favourite high seat last Monday only to find the weather that hammered the west coast a few weeks agon had blown it over..


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    nice cabin in the sky feller and your small one getting some hands on as well .

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