I would like to apologise to two members on here who had booked stalking with me this weekend, which I had to cancel at short notice.

The reason being I had my crew cab pick up in for the glow plugs to be changed as although only not quite 5 years old, it has done 90,000 miles. Unfortunatly it took longer than anticipated as one of the glow plugs snapped off . For a moment it looked like the head off was the only option, but thankfully at the very last minute they managed to get it to pop out after 2 days of trying to release it.

In the meantime I cancelled stalking on Friday evening and saturday with 2 members, although I had Stratts chomping on the bit to come down on Friday. This was all cancelled until 2.30pm on Thursday afternoon when the garage called me to tell me my truck was finished. After some thought I called Stratts (who is one of our bursary winners, and also the winner of the free days stalking with me) as I know he was packed and ready to go, although the accommodation had been cancelled, and told him I could make it for the Friday if he could get down from Peterborough in time.

You know the answer to that or you will do shortly as I would guess he will make a post.

So sorry to the other two guys, as it would have been too much hassle to re organise everything again, and I will be in contact about re booking another outing shortly. Thank you for being so understanding.

At least my truck is back and running like a dream.