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Thread: Hello from yorkshire where its grim up north

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    Hello from yorkshire where its grim up north

    Hey everyone
    My Names paul ive been shooting since i was about 7 or 8
    Started like most with airguns moved up and up did a bit of target shooting then got into hunting and fishing at senior school
    went to a school witha load of guys whos dads shot and fished and hunted so was immersed in it all the time
    went onto shotguns and firearms about 18-19 and have kept going from there
    Gpt the stalking bug realy bad about 7 years ago passed my DSC1 and DSC2 quit quick and am a member of an associate company down in Norfolk been shooting on approx45k hectares for a number of years and am passionate about my sport
    I shoot 22 17hmr 223 243 270 and rifled slug at410
    i use a remington 270 for most of my stalking but use smaller calibres when taking clients out
    Looking for a new truck at the mo and a new dog

    that about sums me up realy
    take care all

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    Just keep heading further north through the smog and it gets a whole lot brighter.

    Hello, bye the way

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    welcome scout where abouts in yorkshire are you?

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