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Thread: rocky boots

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    rocky boots

    Ive been looking at a pair of rocky stalker 600 boots anybody had a pair got a pair had any mishaps in a pair
    cheers scout

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    Rocky Boots

    Hi Scout,
    Good Points:
    I've had a pair of 'Rocky' boots for over 10 years. They're not the 600's, but very comfortable and stayed waterproof for a long while.

    Lovely and warm in winter, but not too hot in summer.

    They still have the original laces!

    Bad Points:
    I have to miss out the lacing hooks, placed well back between the lower and upper boot otherwise very uncomfortable.

    Alas they are no longer waterproof. although did well for many years, (I used them everyday on a professional basis).

    This is the worst part, the soles were very squeaky on grass, and on the hill. When I say very, I mean VERY. Okay in mud though!

    Hope this helps, yabanjin.

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