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Thread: 270 - Sako Hammerhead + Hornady 150 Grain Bullets...any use?

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    270 - Sako Hammerhead + Hornady 150 Grain Bullets...any use?

    Not much luck with seventy-eight views but only the one reply on the Ballistic I've posted it here:

    Please feedback and comments on experiences of these bullets ONLY on UK deer, and elsewhere wild boar and elk.

    I'm trying to rationalise my bullets and thinking about going from Hornady 140gn Interlock to the Sako 156gn Hammerhead (NOT Super Hammerhead) or the 160gn Nosler Partition as a "one size fits all" that "magic" 10 grams weight minimum for some European Game Laws.

    I'm using a standard Parker Hale 24" barrel 270 Winchester. Not a 270 WSM or a 270 Weatherby.

    Is there any advantage of Nosler Partition 160gn vs 156gn Sako Hammerhead vs 150gn "Other" (such as Sierra, Hornady, Speer)?

    And is the Sako Hammerhead really "bonded" and how does it perform if anyone has any feedback. I'm also heard that for European hunting on boar, deer, elk that the Nosler Partition "blows up" and loses the front end on is actually not very good?

    I'm also hearing some real horror stories about the Sako Hammerhead!

    Any feedback on these bullets only please greatly appreciated!

    I'm lloking for something good for heavy game but also with no excessive velocity no excessive meat damage on light muntjac or roe shot at say twenty or thirty yards in woodland.

    I also welcome feedback on the TWO Hornady 150 grain bullets the spire point and the round point regarding how they perform.

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    I've been trying the 156gn Sako Hammerheads in my .270 - they are very accurate and hard hitting. I only have limited experience of them in a hunting situation (couple of Roe only) but they expand well without fragmentation - I have one retrieved from a Roe carcass and it's a classic mushroom shape with jacket and core still attached to one another. I'm not sure they are genuine bonded bullets though, as the jacket on them seems far less substantial than the jackets on the Hornady Interbond bullet that I've bisected.

    On the downside, they seem to create heavy recoil compared to my 130gn reloads. Unsurprisingly, the trajectory is also much loopier - not a problem at closer range but drops like a stone out past 200yds - I can't help thinking this negates the ballistic advantages of the .270, leaving you with the pain rather than the gain.

    There's a ballistic chart on the Sako site if you can be bothered converting the distances from metric. If you do find you like them, buy whatever you find, as GMK have a very erratic supply currently.


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    partition partition partition
    One bullet fits all used em for 20 years never a failure always an exit.

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    enfieldspares i used sako hammerheads all last winter on fallow sika and boar but ran out in february and found there performance excellent i was using 150grains out of a 30.06.
    Recoil was very acceptable and they put the boar straight down with no fuss, every shot exited even on shots out to 150 yards and meat damage was no different to other brands i have tried.
    No complaints on the deer either with nothing moving more than a couple of yards i did notice though that the bullet strike seemed very load compared to other brands i have used not that this will cause a problem.
    At present i am using the 150 grain hornady sst and they seem fine but have noticed that after boiler room shots on fallow the deer stands still for about five or six seconds then drops on the spot.
    Not a problem as such but it can sometimes have you thinking that your bullet placement may not have been right as six seconds after the srike seems like ages.
    I have used the hornady on roe with no problems at all but on muntjak at 60 and 130 yards i found them a bit much.
    The meat damage was fine but it minced up there insides to much for my likeing making the grallock a bit unpleasant ,howerver they never moved an inch after the shot and for some people with dence cover to contend with may be the bullet they have been looking for.
    For me i shall carry on using the hornadys untill the boar start showing and the fallow start to rut then it will be straight back to the hammer heads for the rest of the winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doghound
    partition partition partition
    One bullet fits all used em for 20 years never a failure always an exit.
    Plus one!

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