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Thread: dead red deer AT MARTINDALE ( THE NAB )

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    Angry dead red deer AT MARTINDALE ( THE NAB )

    hi i took a walk with the wife and kids up to martindale deer park last sunday / i couldnt believe how many reds were lying around the hills dead (3 stags 9 hind ) i can only think it must have been the snow that killed them but as an estate that manages it ( dalmain ) you would think they would remove them from public veiw / NOT GOOD FOR OUR SPORT

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    I no its been aweful up around Shap etc.. but never heard of this before, I no of couple farmers pulling dead sheep from everywhere.
    It was reported on Cumbria FM that a prison in north Cumbria allowed 4 prisoners out for the day helpings farmers to get food to the sheep etc... which I though was a good i dear.

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    ​Not good for our sport in what way ? the sad loss of 12 deer due to snow, or the fact they where left in situ public view ?

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    the deer to just be left there

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    just watched a red stag die

    hi just been out for a walk in the lakes and came across a red stag (10 pointer ) layed on its side kickin its legs so i walked over to it and it made no attempt to get up then about a min later it had died / it looked in good health good coat and eyes were clear .

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    get the land owner, local stalker informed. There's a chance it's got a bullet in it. Stags don't just fall over and die like that.

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    please say you had a phone and took photos,

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    What's the nearest town. Got a mate who's a full time stalker up there.

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    left camera in car as it was pourin down when i got there / missed some good pics had about 20 reds about 25 yard away

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    Sometimes it's not that obvious where a bullet has entered the body and stayed in the body.

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