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Thread: roedale delta iv4 ultralight mod

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    roedale delta iv4 ultralight mod

    has anyone or does anyone know for someone that has had any problems with this mod i was recently out shooting fired my first shot just checking if it was still bang on zero it was a littel way off checked mod was on tight second shot bigger bang dident think mush of it untill i looked down and seen just the expansion chamber on the gun and the 4 baffels missing luckily found them about 50 -60 yards down the field on inspection i notice that alot of the threads on the mod are sheared off or have a lot of chips in them i do not plan on using the mod again for obvious reasons due to the fact it could now explode or blow off again at any point and will be taking it back as its only fired about 50 shots .

    just wanted to no if anyone has any problems or knows of any
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