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Thread: Powder Shortage

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    Powder Shortage

    I was talking to a good friend in the gun trade the other day, whilst purchasing some Hodgon powder. Seems like there is and will be a shortage of powder soon as the States are making life harder to ship stuff like powder over.

    One of the staff in the store was trying a few outlets to get some stock in and was coming up blank. Bet the price will shoot up soon
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    Might do but don't panic as there are other options: tried Vectan?

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    I have heard this already Muir on here talked about this some time ago on these boards, prices are already sky-high. Here in NI compared to the rest of the uk they are usually even worse ,oh well prepare to brace ourselves.......the panic buying has probably already begun......

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    Vhit and Vectan?

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    No CCI primers round here either

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    The Vhit plant is closing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straightliner View Post
    The Vhit plant is closing.
    Do you have a definitive reference for that?
    Viht's owned by a great big firm that also owns a few other European powder manufacturers.

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    Just looked up my old Vectan data book and it reminded me that:

    Vectan SP7: great in 303 and 308
    Vectan Tubal 3000: great in 22-250 and 308
    Vectan Tubal 5000: great in 308 and 30-06

    BTW SP7 produced the best groups I ever shot in the 308: 100 yards, 5 shots touching each other so it just pushed the paper about. No hole punching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straightliner View Post
    The Vhit plant is closing.
    The Vihtavuori Oy powder plant in Finland may be closing or more likely being bought by someone, nothing is decided yet. This is only a single plant owned by Eurenco and not the only plant manufacturing Vihtavuori powders.

    More info and Eurenco statement here, EURENCO Statement Regarding Vihtavuori Oy Powder Plant Daily Bulletin

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