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Thread: Just picked up my new Sako A7s

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    Just picked up my new Sako A7s

    Just tried out my new A7s today in .22-250. What a beast, totally awesome rifle. Took it up to one of my farms in a nice spot between disused barns and cottages to keep out of the wind. I could only get a spot that afforded me 70 meters out of the wind and bore sighted it with my Leupold M4.
    Took a shot, Boom what a difference to my .222 Steyr pro hunter that I traded in for the Sako. It was like a cannon going off.
    I just clipped to top of the target and adjusted my scope.within 3 rounds I was bang on target.
    I was using Hornady Super performance 50grn and was getting one ragged hole for 3 rounds, Talk about out of the box accuracy.
    I then moved my target into the open field in the wind to 100 meters. Again I was getting super consistent 0.5 inch groups.Unfortunately the heavens opened up. I was going to go foxing tonight with it. Bloody weather
    I am loving this new rifle and new calibre combination.

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    I am Looking at getting one of these sometime this year, probably in .243, really like the look of the rifle Which falls between the tikka t3 and sako 85 in price. Happy shooting!
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    22250 is a great round I loved mine. Nice rifle, have fun.

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    sako's in general are just very very good.

    a. barrels
    b. action truing and smoothness
    c. trigger
    d. stock design

    if they didn't have the damned integrated dovetails and those stupid bolt shroud locks, I'd build every rifle on a 75 action
    then again...if it's charging you and wants to kill you, you probably want controlled round feed
    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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