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Thread: Jelen Email List

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    Jelen Email List

    Anyone else had some funny emails this evening from Jelen?

    Looks like they have been hacked.

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    2 Have been sent to me, the same thing has happened to my E mail account it seams to come from (Linkedin)

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    Got it twice also, thought it was a disgruntled employee but have had an apologetic email from the Jelen team seams they have been hacked.
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    I have had three e-mails, looks like some one has hacked them!

    ATB Barry

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    Hi All

    It is possible that a small group of our customers received a vindictive email from a Jelen Deer email address this evening. I personally would like to apologise to you for any inconvenience caused by the erroneous email sent out tonight and assure you that your data is safe.

    As everyone involved in this industry will know, our activities concerning animals can cause controversy amongst animal rights protesters. It is common for us, as a well-known and popular deer management and training company, to receive attacks and threats from these protesters and it is something we have become adept in dealing with.

    A few weeks ago we received a threat from these protesters targeting our website systems and social media presence in particular. Despite our website systems already being secured and prepared in the case of such an attack, we rebuilt and recoded some aspects, simply as an additional preventive measure. Most importantly, these updates centred around building an extremely secure environment in which our customer data are stored. Our website by far exceeds the industry guideline standards for security of data.

    This evening it appears that the attack threatened by the protesters was carried out. They targeted our email systems. The attack was not successful and did not affect any of our booking systems or customer databases.

    They did not get close to accessing your information and we did not expect them to. Your information is encrypted using cryptographic hash functions within a secure database. It is also important for us to mention that we don't store any bank details on our server because this is handled by our payment gateway, Paypal.

    Although they did not gain access to your information directly, they did manage to access our emailing function, which enabled them to send out a series of emails to a small selection of our customers. However, throughout this, they never had direct access to anybody's information.

    The process of sending the mass email was cut short by our failsafe measures. Therefore most customers will not have received these emails. Immediately we were able to prevent further emails from being sent out, block the perpetrator's access and identify who they were. Thus we are taking immediate and forceful action against the people responsible for this attack.

    It is unfortunate that we, as a company of our nature, are at the centre of this controversial issue. I am upset that this activist group are trying to compromise Jelen's reputable standing in the deer industry and, once again, I would like to personally apologise.

    Best Regards,

    Regional Director - Jelen Deer Services

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    Bunch of numpties can't even spell f*ck correctly!

    Not much competition are they...
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    Yes I had 2 and the third was an apology from Mike think they could of said something more exiting than F^"k admin

    Paul D

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    fuk yup me to ! sounds like it was a curry boy!

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    same here. thought someone at Jelen had been drinking and lost the plot. Had a e mail from Jelen explaining the problem.

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    Dyslexic email

    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    same here. thought someone at Jelen had been drinking and lost the plot. Had a e mail from Jelen explaining the problem.
    +1. Received two emails last night thought there was a major party on at jelen and they had forgotten my invite

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