I have been shooting now for around 6/7 years and I was asked the other day about shotguns and lamping and even though I answeared the questions, it occured to me that even though being around many different calibres of rifles for several years,
I have never lamped foxes, rabbits due to land rules and never held a shotgun "WOW", never culled muntjac or cwd ( I have spoken to several outfitters from here about this) and should be sorted soon I hope.

I'm off work in a couple weeks and got some free time, there fore should anybody like assistance allowing me to do the donkey work and like a buddy for the day/night I would like to be considered allowing me to gain the experiance. I'm just after a ONE OFF not a regular thing.

I'm located around M6 junction 35 south cumbria and willing to travel a distance should the oppertuinty come about.
Of course willing to pay I don't expect a freebie.