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Thread: First time stalk with my son

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    First time stalk with my son

    My 9 yr old son has been bugging me for a while now to come hunting and finally I had to say yes. Well we spent most of last night sitting in the caras it was chucking it down and I didn't want him to get cold wet and miserable. So although we blanked last night we watched a fair few although no bucks. I had guessed that this morning was going to be better weather and as we pulled up to one of my persmissions we bumped a fallow buck. Unusual as I have only ever seen 2x on here before. Despite a hurried exit from the car he was gone.
    we continued to stalk and as we crossed a road a Munty was spotted. Once again a hurried stalk into a vantage point and after 5 mins he appeared. Bang ,thump and down. My sons 1st witnessed stalk AND what a buck. I think I saw him last year, just the once and if it is him then this year he is definitely better.
    A good weekend for me and my son.
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    Well done on a great buck. Can't beat being out with your lads.
    ​Atb Steve

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    Well done on a cracking buck, and I bet your lad was chuffed too.

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    thats a lovely buck well done guys. nice to see kids taking a interest in shooting also

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    Well done to you and your lad Get prepared for some more "BUGGING"

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    As has been said well done quality time out with your son
    I miss mine terrible nows hes living away keepering they grow up so quick
    very nice looking buck too
    regards pete

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    What a wknd.. well done. Ide put that fella on the wall for sure. I missed similar yesterday at ten paces :'-(((( even your 9yr old is a better shot than me :-(( well done

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    on second looks,,, no your sons is a pretty serious buck, a lot better than what I missed..... I would still be crying if I missed that. well done.

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    Congratulations, thats acracking buck!
    To be honest, I cant wait to take one of my kids out for the stalk in the woods.....

    By the way:
    What do you think will be the right age to take kids out, and the right age to let them see how an animal is bagged?
    My little ones are already checking the chiller everytime I get home from hunting, so they are used to see dead, bloody bodies, they also know very good about the food chain (the only meat we eat is venison in all kinds prepared (sausages, ham, steaks for BBQ, .....) and they love it!
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