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Thread: RIA Training or Instinct

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    RIA Training or Instinct

    The morning saw me heading out to an urban area on the outskirts of Glasgow. It was a muggy morn slightly foggy with a dampness in the air. My friend and i stopped at the end of a Cull-De-sac and quickly walked behind the end house in to a muddy lane. We stalked the area behind the house for a few hours and called in quits not a deer in sight. We were only two minutes from the house when my friend said "i was walking my dog there two days ago and saw a nice wee buck who,s ground is it?" LOL A spin round and parked at the gate gave him the answer. I scanned the area and could not see a deer at all long damp thrashes over two foot tall could hide most anything. I call from my friend looking behind us said i have got him and he described were he was feeding only a small portion of his back visible at any one time.

    He lifted his head for a moment and "yes its him". I told my friend to ready his gun and to jump the about 30 mtrs and he would be clear of the dog walkers coming up the road now only 300 mtr away. He lay down and could not see the buck the dog walkers were getting closer and we now had a cyclist heading in our direction. I walked over to my friend in full view and clapped my hands"there he is i said as he raised his head." My friend took a neck shot and pretty impressive it was. The buck flipped over and lay down on looking round the dog walkers and the cyclist were looking over at the bang but from were they were they could not see what we were shooting at. Made our way back to the car with a good morning to the dog walkers and a good morning came back .
    We placed the rifle back in the car and drove the 500 mtr to the farm and parked up bolts out of the gun and a walk with RIA to find the deer while not quite lost this would be a hard find in the deer thresh beds. On the way there we had a chat about the shot and the deer position. I sat Ria down when we were about 50mtr from the spot and told her to find the deer she quickly quartered the ground and suddenly to my right a deer jumped up and ran along an old broken fence. Christ i thought she will chase that one i tried to call her back as she was heading towards the house. My friend shouted she F in catching it it was then i realised this was the same deer and was not in full health.
    She turned it and grabbed at its legs it fell and tried to get up she stood in front of its face barking excitedly making sure it did not move my friend ran over and quickly dispatched the deer with his knife and the mad panic was over. A look round saw people walking up the road but in the heavy threshes they would not have seen what was unfolding.
    The neck shot had nicked the spine area but had not broke the spine(.243)I must admit to putting a few hours of training in to the bitch over the last two and a half years . But you can train them for events like this i believe it to be natural instinct

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    I would say instinct. I wouldn't be shooting in the situation you described, think its gonna end in tears!

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    Thats a personal choice Deer man but to appreciate the dog working you really had to be there i was buzzing.

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    I would like to think most stalking dogs,not deer dogs,would do the same and it's due to instinct. My springer has had to do the same twice and carried it oot with no training,and I know of a lab that has done the same when needed.

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    Not knocking the dog, just think shooting with public around that close eventually leads to trouble.

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    Ethical to shoot at it or not, trained deer dog or general shooting companion, still bloody good work by the dog to stop that beast.... Combination of training and instinct I would say... (More instinct) good work ladies...
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    A good result from a drama in the making,..... not all who shoot live quarry have the good fortune to be in areas of complete isolation, some of us have to rub along after the shot/s with Joe public.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Not knocking the dog, just think shooting with public around that close eventually leads to trouble.
    Not something that we would all be comfortable with thats for sure, but there is a growing realisation by the authority's that urban deer need to be controlled and a growing demand for those who are able to fill that need.

    And while it is not what we might choose to do maybe we should not be knocking those who have taken on that responsibility

    6 pointer is arguably the foremost authority on Urban deer control certainly in Scotland if not the whole of the UK

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    Congrats for a good work from your dog!

    I can tell you, thats instinct, you can train the dogs what to do when getting to the wounded animal: Grab it, hold it, bark at it, but thats also a lot of given instinct or genes. It also depends on the size of the animal and the dog and, of course on the experiences (success rate) when getting to a wounded animal.....!
    I personally wouldnt do it too often on roes, because we have roe everywhere and maybe the (younger) dog will try to chase a not wounded one, just for the try of having another success.

    But as said before: Well done, stopping a suffering animal!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    A good write up and excellent result davy.
    Had the same happen with my GWP on a fallow buck (his first pull down) last year,Like you I was buzzing afterwards.
    We have some urban land with a lot of public access, and sometimes you have to make the most of the small windows of opportunity.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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