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Thread: remington 700 trigger

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    remington 700 trigger

    anyone got one lying round???

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    Yes I have a standard one off a 700 sendero lying about

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    I've a couple of standard ones I replaced when I bought my remi,s
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    if you wish to ajust yours i have the workbench "how to" sheet, sorry gave all my remmy triggers away.
    now a sako nut

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    the screw for the sear on this one has been really locktited in cant budge it , so need a replacement.

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    remove trigger group remember that spring so hold a rag over it before removeing the pins all the way. screws are small do over a clean sheet of white paper if eyes are like mine old lol.
    its a locktight that when heated will come lose use a hot airgun or a long pointed soldering iron i use a small pick to remove the worst then a heated up allen key the heat transfers to thread apply small amount of twist and it will move i used stud lock blue when set screw is cleaned after removel once old locktight has been clearned away replace trigger group on rifle ajust while locktight is still wet remember to test the ajustment with the bolt without dry fireing but cocked to see if your ajustments are safe and wiil not fire the rifle on closeing the bolt same with the safty make sure all works ie cant fire even with a cocked bolt safty on . cock bolt again and bang but of floor drop test just another test with safty on do same with safty off . sorry may be telling you to suck eggs but hay safty is for life not just xmas ,when all's done then leave to set job done the i would add nail vanish to fill up the hole left in trigger group that i removed with small pick.last befor returning to stock is re oil or trigger slick?.
    this may help you out or pm me your address and ill send you a copy of paperwork sheet's on trigger ajustment FOC 1ST CLASS
    note it says add oil to help screw turn on sheet but i'v found unless you compleatly remove all oil or trigger slip the new lock tight wont go off so thats why i heat mine instead.
    you can try or buy feller as you were gonner buy anyway ,wished i had a timny to send you but as said gave all rem stock away
    Quote Originally Posted by charlie-hunter View Post
    the screw for the sear on this one has been really locktited in cant budge it , so need a replacement.
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    cheers paul , i will give it 1 more go.

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    no worris but if you do'nt
    would you send old one my way i'll get it free then you will have a spair just in case try not to damage the screw or allen key forgot to say that some were set screw F in small

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    I am looking to get a jewell shortly, The one coming off my 700 has been worked by a riflesmith if you are interested.

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