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Thread: Singing from the same hymn sheet???

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    Singing from the same hymn sheet???

    This is an account of two peoples dealings with two adjoining police force f.a.c. depts, "I require the condition for geese on my .223" shooter in Merseyside, reply," OOOH! You can't have that! there will be nothing left to pick up!" shooter's reply," I don't want to eat them, the farmer just want's some control doing!" reply, "No sorry!"......... shooter in Cheshire, "Hi, I need the condition for geese on my .223, as central science laboratory have stated that this is the appropriate calibre for Canadas", Cheshire reply, "O.K., send it in & we'll do it a.s.a.p.!", on further contact with Merseyside the condition was applied to the f.a.c................When are we going to get some standardisation with the way uk laws are applied?

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    Application to control deer over 80 acres of farmland with significant numbers of fallow refused by North Wales Police -

    ". . . because the land does not lend itself to deer stalking in the manner typified in the Scottish Highlands."

    Furthermore, the inspecting officer also told the land owner that the request was made with reference to the use of a .308, which was "far too large a calibre for the acreage". The officer then suggested they would have looked more favourably on the application had it been made with reference to a .270.

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    same hymn sheet

    Maybe stalking in Scotland is not subjected to so many numpties having brain fa*ts, .270Win usual muzzle energy runs @ 2,800/3000, suitable for some African plains game, ( a necked down 30.06). .308Win usual muzzle M/E runs @ 2,500/2,700 ish, similar & slightly under 30.06 power.

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    Quite so.

    I was well aware of the irony. My comment was made with that in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    they would have looked more favourably on the application had it been made with reference to a .270.
    Make a wildcat Iwrch, You can call it "the bureaucracy stopper"

    270 = 6.8 so make a 6.8 x 338 Lap!!! That'll learn them

    Ps. They tried exactly the same thing with me.

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    In all honesty the police were right not to grant permission for a .300 on a 80 acre piece of ground .

    But had you said it was to shoot from high seats as you did not feel the ground was suitable for that particular caliber ,but this is the safest manner in which to carry out such deer control, that the .308 was the correct caliber for the species of deer in your opinion .

    You may just have been granted it ,had you put forward the correct mode and manner, for the safety of yourself and others due to the type and size of ground .

    Ive had similar problems in which I gave all the facts to the police including photographs, Ariel photographs, due to i did not deem the ground suitable for a full bore rifle, this ground would be approx 100 acres with 4 roads running round it , due to the consideration i showed to the facts and the use of suitably placed high seats, and the reasons for the use of them i was granted the permission .

    Its always better if you can show the police a plan first of all, they'll then look at in in a different light ,without first showing doubt and secondly saying NO thats then the door closed .

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    singing from the same hymn sheet

    Legend on a brick of .22LR ..........."dangerous up to 1k",, 80 Acres? It's the calibre of the nut behind the butt, not the calbre of the weapon!

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    when i put in for my .308 staffs police said there wasnt enough deer on the land to warrant the calibre,there was around 300 acres and they were reds on there ,so i got it passed for another estate and they sent me a open ticket back

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    There is also no such thing as a dangerous bit of land..........I use my .308 on 12 acres.

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    Standardisation should come with the NFLMS system. This has already been trialled successfully in several constabularies and has a good deal of "common sense" features such as a .30 cal being a .30 cal despite it's case size!

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