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Thread: The question I get asked most

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    The question I get asked most

    Yesterday while setting up high seats on a new peice of ground the owner asked the inevitable questions
    What range do you shoot most deer at?
    why when you have a big rifle do you have to get close ?
    What are the seasons ?
    how long before you get the deer thinned out?
    the normal answers came out
    safety/Humane/assesing the animal /will take at least a year.etc.
    Then it struck me I often see threads on here roe at 200m /head and neck shot/etc etc
    anyone ever think of compiling a list of basic dos and donts for roe stalking as many are not lucky enough to have had guidance from others.
    Haveing stalked for 40+ plus years and being taught by some of the best I have been very lucky.many are not so lucky
    For the benifit of those new to stalking these sort of shots are not clever of or show stalking ability
    incedently saw about 5 bucks and 20 does 3foxes one fox passed at less than 15yds when i was putting a bridge in it made my morning.
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    interesting that you ask for a basic list of do and don'ts, Well i suggest do your level one and two, do get some experience from others, do listen to those you know and those to whom you believe know what they are talking about. If in doubt ask, think twice and listen.

    Experience is the best guide. Shoot some targets until your comfortable and once ready get ready to start learning as you will never learn enough to know it all.


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    it's very difficult to prescribe guidance for the individual. I would say though that when a shot would be otherwise safe you should not fire the shot unless your choice/option of position and ability would otherwise allow you to group confidently at the range you wish to fire. If you are not certain or a lethal shot then it is not appropriate to fire.

    For some that may be as little as 40 yards from a high seat on small species, but then prone from a point of vantage it may be 250 yards on large species such as red,both examples with regular broadside shots. No novice should be considering head or neck shots without the experience needed to work them safely in any case.

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