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Thread: budget bino review - Vanguard LDT-842OP

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    budget bino review - Vanguard LDT-842OP

    In my cyber travels I spotted a pair of binos for sale that on the surface looked pretty good.
    A quick bit of research showed despite being Chinese made that they are pretty solid, good optics, ergonomically very well designed and retail for close to 300 new

    They come with a very well made sturdy canvas case with strap and belt loop and a very comfy neoprene strap AND a "Bino Bra" (which I am not sure about!) The Bra is also elasticated which is much more useful as you can pull the binos right out to the side when prone
    optics are protected by Ocular and Objective covers (plastic is a little hard but rubber replacements are easily sourced)

    Because they are little known brand and are lumped in with all the other chinese looky likeys the 2nd hand value is pennies (50 to be precise for a boxed set!)

    On first inspection they are very solid, the hinge is stiff and smooth.
    Eye cups twist out in a smooth and stiff half turn
    weighing less than 600g they are light but not in a Mattel kind of way.

    the strap is attahced to part sunk metal loops on the chassis that have sculpted grooves to allow easy threading of the strap. (nice touch)

    Collimation is achieved using a metal ocular adjuster usable with one finger and the central rubber covered focus wheel also easily tuned with one finger. The ocular adjuster is perhaps a little big, it remains to be seen if it will move under duress, but it is certainly not a loose wheel
    near to far range is under 3/4 turn of the focal adjuster. very neat.

    Image is very clear. I have not had a chance to test in low light and without trying to say they are as good as...X or Y
    They are very bright.
    Depth of view into woodland and shade is very good
    I have owned several pairs of Leica, Zeiss and similar. I think I actually prefer the feel of these to the Leica Ultravids BR!

    I have added a strap to the objective cover and some quick release straps for swift change between strap and "bra"!

    for a 50 pair of roof prism design, rubber coated, waterproof binos with more accessories than most I am pretty happy with them.
    At that price they can sit in the glovebox and not worry about the cost of loss/replacement

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    Linky to the site you got them from please Edd!

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    I have a pair these 8x32
    I purchased them 2nd hand and yes they are very good value for money. good in low light to.
    The build quality is good may be a little heavy but for the money its no problem

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    Was only just looking at lease on fleabay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Linky to the site you got them from please Edd!
    ​The Bay of E

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