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Thread: Skull bleaching

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    Skull bleaching

    Hi guys,

    Any idea where I could buy hydrogen peroxide from? Quiet a strong mix. I have seen stuff in boots and its 2.5% concentrated so not sure if that will work to bleach roe skulls. I've also got an old skull from last year which I was convinced to leave on a tree and now the skull is black and the antlers are green!!! Would hydrogen peroxide help remove this or will I need something else?

    ​cheers bb

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    The 2.5% stuff works but if you want stronger look on ebay for the type hairdressers use, this should clean your old skull but you will then need to colour the antlers brown after bleaching

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    hairdressers supplies, sally shops, 1 litre bottles, cream or liquid.

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    eBay has 30% or 40%+ stuff that I got, it's advertised as food grade or something and comes in 250ml, 500ml etc.

    Think it cost about 12 delivered for the 250ml which lasts ages, but Be careful, I got a splash on my arm whilst brushing it on and it burned and went white on contact!!

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    You could try asking your local vet if you know them, as its often used in small animal practices and is easy enough to order in

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    I used the people from the below link a couple of weeks ago, it took 2 days to arrive and did a really good job. I used the 35% peroxide.
    APC - The On-line Chemical Packaging Experts
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    i use 6% peroxide cream , no need for cotton wool just brush on and stick in the boiler room over night and wash off and comes out pearly white .

    i buy 5 litres at a time cheap as chips @ 10 per can .

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    No problem with 3%,6% or 9%, I prepare fair number of skulls and have never felt the need to use anything stronger.

    You will be up against it getting a trophy to look good after it has been rotting in the woods for a year but it's not impossible. Start by pressure washing or scrubbing it, you will probably lose any colour that may be left in the antlers but this can be reinstated with potassium permanganate. You can try bleaching the skull with peroxide but don't discount the idea of painting in with matt White emoulsion, it can be surprisingly effective.

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    thanks guys, i managed to get some of the cream and the said head is covered just now. The buck was shot this time last year and he'd just shed his velvet so he was pretty white anyway. I'm not going to paint the antlers just going to leave them as they were. I'll get a before and after pic up next week.

    Thanks for the help

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