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Thread: sako 85 stainless fluted laminate in 308 calibre

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    sako 85 stainless fluted laminate in 308 calibre

    i got this as a spur of the moment buy off a mate of mine and is currently sat at rfd till i change my slot. my mate needed rid of it due to custom build rifle. so me seeing something so nice had to buy it
    he has had it from new with proof from sportsman. it has fired a genuine 47 rounds !
    it has box and manual etc etc.

    its got a lovely laminated stock. silver sako 85 action and silver fluted varmint. barrel length is 23 and 1/2 inch
    its screwcut m16x1
    it comes with silver optiloc bases. and blued optiloc 30mm rings.

    lee full length and seater die and will even chuck in 50 lapua ! brass.

    £950 posted to your rfd

    all this would be around £1500 if you went to get from shop tomorrow.

    shame i am not going to get chance to even shoot it i need money for other things and to be fair i have no need for a caliber this large anyway for the odd roe and muntjac

    i just cant help buying stuff my other half said

    anyone need any more info give me a pm and i will answer any questions.
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    I wannit I wannit I wannit

    But I have to buy a 6.5x55 that I have been waiting for and we are buying a new business....

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    dont go for the 6.5x55 go for the 308

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    I have been promising to buy the 6.5 for about 8 months now... Sussex variation taking for EVER!

    But if this is still about on two or three weeks I shall know where I stand. If this fab deal is still unsold then it WILL be mine. Can't believe for a minute it will be though

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    Trying to work out how I justify this to (in no particular order) The Bride, The Bank, The FEO...

    Stunning rifle, and priced to sell so doubt it will take long

    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Jay, I'LL TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was looking at an xbolt in .308 but for a few ££ more this is certainly worth it! I will PM you tomorrow morning, to sort any the money and things, looks a stunning rifle mate. I'am sure a silly question, but there's no issues or hidden damage at all anywhere to it?

    Will have it sent to my RFD, will PM you soon!

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    Second dibs please if Michael changes his mind.

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    Sold to michael pending details

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