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Thread: first swallows of the year

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    first swallows of the year

    hi all
    just been out with the dogs for a nice long walk to see whats about, didn't see any deer tonight but there was plenty of tracks and signs that they have been around but what i did see was the first few swallows of the year just thought i would ask if any one else has seen any yet and dos this mean the summer is here lol

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    Saw my first today too - and I'm a bit south of you. ......I do hope so........!!!
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    just seen 3 swallows about 30 mins ago

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    I saw a pair yesterday evening in somerset, none today though.

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    Just asked my wife for the first swallow of the year and got a very frosty reply!!!

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    saw one yesterday in n. ireland, i think they were earlier last year

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    cheers Eric
    there nice to see but it would be even better if they bring the weather with them

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    worth a try though unicorn mate lol

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    Seen one three weeks ago while at Boscastle, he must have gone home by now.

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    spotted 4 over here in ireland yesterday but there 2 weeks later than last year

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