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Thread: Sauer 202 ?

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    Sauer 202 ?

    Any views on Sauer 202's. I've heard comments on the safety catch ?

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    I've got 202 outback I think the safety catch is marmite I love it but others I've spoke to arnt too keen. Great rifle though nice and light in synthetic too.

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    Yup, it is incredibly silent to begin with and so smooth, but over time it gets noisier, you will send it back to the sole importer who will botch a repair, send it back to you, not fixed I hasten to add, your bases will be broken, they will refuse to pay out despite it only being packed only in a jiffy bag, it will then be sent back to them to be sent to Germany, which will take approx 12 weeks, because of course the sole importers were sent it back unfixed from Germany Sauer factory, so it goes again, you get it back, it is ok to star with but within a season is is back to how you started, noisy!

    Owned a sauer 202 for 3 years, it has spent 6 months being fixed, 12 months in less than ok working order with the safety problem.

    A friend of mine on here has developed a similar problem with his but I think he will be chopping it in rather than go down the route of constant disappointment with the sole importer.

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    I have 2 sourer 202s .308 and .243, had them for years, no problems at all with either of them I love the safety, works fine and is silent. Everyone who has seen /used my rifles loves them. Only downside is that they are on the heavy side especially with good glass and a moderator.

    That is my short review of the Sauer 202 and not a thinly veiled pop at Garlands like some of the previous replies you have had :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Also have a 202. Cracking rifle, shot a fair few deer with it, no issues and very accurate. Safety is easy and smooth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    That is my short review of the Sauer 202 and not a thinly veiled pop at Garlands like some of the previous replies you have had :-)
    Not sure what you mean by 'thinly veiled pop.....'? I gave a fairly good sauer 202 review of the issues I have had as asked by the OP. If anyone would like to see the facts I can forward all emails I received without confidentiality disclaimers backing up all I have said. SO not thinly veiled, and hey if anyone wants to see some youtube footage of a noisy 'fixed' sauer 202 safety I am happy to post something. I guess its one of those big shits in life, you spend a lot of money on an item that you wish will last a lifetime, and for many it will but for a good few it won't. Yes the safety is a small part of an overall package, a package I love a lot, it is a lovely rifle, but every time you take that safety on or put in on, and hearing that click, really niggles me, as I have spent a lot of money on an item that is not functioning as it should and as is claimed, and I am at a huge loss in terms of the time my rifle has spent away from me and what it has cost me in insured postage.

    Thinly veiled, no, pi***d off, yes. So when asked in the OP what were SD members' experiences with the sauer safety I explained my issues, and part of that issue with the safety is dealing with a sole importer that treats you like crap!

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    Cut my teeth on a sauer 200 and have lusted after one since . Beautiful rifles .

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    Had a sauer 202 in black synthetic loved it .( hence many forum name)

    Makje sure if you get one that the action /receiver is steel and not the light alloy one as the threads in the top of the action prone to stripping & then yer buggered .... Happened to mine but I didn't notice and sold it on honestly unknowingly ... The guy who bought it had it re threaded and told me he loved the rifle but I since read it is a big problem with the light weight actions


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    Thank you gentlemen, looks like suck it and see. Big departure for a man who bought his first Sako in 1976 (it was a glorious summer) and has used nothing else since !

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    Classic rifle, love mine, sorry to sell it on but no use for a .270. It feels so smooth, like a quality car verses a normal run about.

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