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Thread: Leather stuff.

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    Leather stuff.

    Am still plodding along making things.

    Here are a few

    Wide sling for my 6.5, fully adjustable and all stitching is by hand for strength (50)

    Bespoke fixed sling, sewn around swivels for customer: (40)

    Pair of sheaths for Mora and Tripe knife: (40 each)

    Roe sling, bridle leather with solid brass fittings. With a little cord these would double as game carriers in the winter, or for carrying your jacket when the beating day warms up. (40)

    I'm nearly through my waiting time, three weeks and I'm caught up so feel free to fire away if you're after something.
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    Hi Rich, the wide sling looks the business, I've just bought one like that from Braces in Bristol really good it is too.

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    Hi what sort of price is the leather Roe carrier

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    I would just like to say,having had a custom knife and sheath from richard,any one who buys any of the above won't be dissapointed.
    IMHO what i consider to be an excellent array of leatherwork at an excellent prince.
    I will put my name dwn for a rifle sling please richard.
    All the best

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    Hi Richard
    lovely little surprise package when I returned from work this evening ! Belt was absolutely spot on and the knife ! Well what can I say ! Over the moon ! Don't think I will break it !
    Thanks again

    Will be intouch regarding my next knife

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    Alan: great news mate.

    Gelert, glad to have sorted your matching kit mate.

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    I recently asked young Richard to make me a sheath for the Mora knives I use at work, arrived In good time and the quality as expected Is 2nd to none...I must get an upgrade on the knifes soon...Thanks again...

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    You have PM.


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