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Thread: Mounts and rings for Parker Hale

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    Mounts and rings for Parker Hale

    Hello all

    Got a mate who's just bought a Parker hale .308 which came with parker hale dovetail screw down mounts which aren't the best, so I'm looking for a set of mounts and 25mm rings for him not sure about the full spec of which mounts fit the Parker hale all I know about the rifle is that it's got the Mauser action



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    Lee you are talking about a Mauser action and not the Midland? If so have a look at the Leupold list of scope mounts , you won’t go too far wrong with a set of steel bases and swing off rings. Another one worth a look at is Weaver. If it’s the midland that can be a little bit more problematic but both of those sites should tell you if they are available.
    I have to agree with you on the PH bases and rings, they’re not the best.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I put an EGW Picatinny rail on my PH 308, and then Leupold quick release rings.

    ​Very happy.

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    Cheers for the info I'll pass it onto my mate, he's now just signed up on the SD duke999 I'll pass on the info to him



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    Thanks chaps for that very useful info .
    I spoke to John at Optics Warehouse who knows his stuff . It's the 1100ph model iv got apparently which is a bit easier to fit with decent mounts and rings .( Serial numbers underneath the original ph mounts )
    Numbers 9 + 22 denote the original Mauser 98 actions in older guns and can be a nightmare to fit mounts to because the holes are not always in the same place .
    numbers 22 and 28 (underneath the original ph mounts ) denote newer models (1100 etc ) which are more uniform and easier to find mounts for .
    Where's my anorak ??
    Optics Warehouse 01803 392306

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    your anorak is next to your train spotting note book pal

    when do the mounts arrive??

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    Ha ha !! They should be arriving today . He did me a deal on the postage for all the free advertising I just gave him on here . Will let you know if they arrive today !
    ​o hang on , there's a train coming .....

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