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Thread: evening all!

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    evening all!

    live in northants went into keepering when I left school but somehow ended up as a builder but still shoot on the estate where I worked, iv got my d.m.q qualifications and take a keen interest in all things fieldsports from foxing/stalking to working terriers and I occasionally scare a pigeon or two over decoys. thought id join this site to keep upto date with all you shooters out there, iv had .222 22/250 and currently using a heavy barrelled .243 thanks for reading and look forward to chatting to like minded people.

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    Welcome from another northants SD member ,what estate are you shooting over ?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thanks for the warm welcome, bit of a newbee to these forums I live in northants but shoot in Bedfordshire, I wont put the name up as im unsure who can look at this stuff I suppose you cant be to carefull on these sites

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    No problem bb just a casual in case I knew of the estate ,the shoot I keeper is between althorpe and cottesbrooke
    kind regards

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    don't know that part of Northampton very well im northants /beds border although I did go to look around cottesbrooke estate when I was at college, cant remember the keepers name but brian rings a bell for some reason, and our tutor at college had a part time job near there I know his name was bob farmer

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    His name was Derek Dawes retired now ,I took over from bob when he got the sack ! ..... Been here 12 seasons now .my lad went to moulton and then sparsholt I even went to moulton many moons ago lol .
    ​cheers Norma

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    that's it Derek! small old world isn't it, seemed a nice bloke and I think bob was a thatcher by trade but got the job at moulton and landed on his feet

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