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Thread: 10 x 25 sworos binos ?

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    10 x 25 sworos binos ?

    got a chance to buy a pair of 10 x 25s at a price I can afford . have been saving for a while for 8 x 42. but these have came up at a local shop over the wkend and just wondered if anyone else uses them for woodland stalking ??


    should I keep saving


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    Handy glasses for your pocket, but think you will find the 25 objective too small for woodland stalking
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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Handy glases for your pocket, but think you will find the 25 objective too small for woodland stalking
    Agreed, too small all round for general stalking use. I have Zeiss 8x20 compacts, they have thier place and I use them quite a bit but they need to be seen as complimenting full size binos rather than instead of.

    There are a couple of pairs of Swarovski 7x42's for sale on here at the moment. These (or the old Zeiss version) are the best stalking binos you will get.

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    for woodland you would be compromising on both ends of your binos. 10 more than you want for mag (I use 10 but use on hill also) and 25 less than you want on objective.
    Ivs seen a few pairs of 2nd hand 7x42 slc binos for 6-700. If you cant stretch to that then personally I would go for a better format in a cheaper brand.

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    that's kind of what I thought , but thought I would put it out there and see

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    I have a pair of 8x20 swarovskis as well as Zeiss 7x42. The 8x20s are optically magnificent, very light and can stay in a pocket - they are always with you. But because of their narrow tubes are quite difficult to hold steady - the difficulty is keeping them centred with your pupil. With the larger tubes on bigger binoculars I rest the eye cups on my eyebrows, with my hands at the end of the tubes. I can use them for hours. With pocket binoculars you have to hold them centred with your eye and that is more difficult. To my mind pocket bins are a useful addition but not instead off. If funds are tight and you are looking for small size, have a look at the 32mm objective lens bins.

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