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Thread: Plains Game insurance

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    Plains Game insurance

    I am heading to the Dark continent next week for my first adventure.

    I am totally struggling to find a insurance company that will cover any hunting activities

    Anyone able to assist ?

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    does you basc insureance not cover you?

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    BASC cover you for public liability but not medical care.

    I am worried I might get bitten by a snake and need to be airlifted out haha.

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    I used Haymans(, give then a call. I found them very helpfull and got cover through them for my trip to Finland and last one to South Africa a few months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post
    BASC cover you for public liability but not medical care.

    I am worried I might get bitten by a snake and need to be airlifted out haha.
    Airlifted out in Africa......don't make laugh!

    If you were unfortunate enough to get bitten by a snake, I would suggest you find yourself a nice shady tree and lie under it. That way your carcass should not be too blown up from the sun by the time they come to get you!

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

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    Take a look at this site:
    Shakari Connection | African Hunting Information
    If you can't find exactly what you want, email him, there's very little he doesn't know about Safaris.
    BTW the chances of seeing a snake, much less being bitten by one, are pretty small at this time of year. In the event of such a "happening" your PH will, undoubtedly, have procedures in place to sort it out.
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    Try GOUDA a Danish company they spescialise in hunting travel
    insurance I have used them several times on African trips in
    conjunction with Diana Hunting Tours.
    Gouda Rejseforsikring - vi er specialister i rejseforsikring - Forside

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    I have always used Haymans for all 7 trips to Africa. However you will find that for dangerous game (ie elephant, Buff, Lion etc) the premium will be higher and death cover is only up to 5000. This may have changed as the dangerous game hunt I did was in 1998, a few years back. However I used them 2 years ago for Africa, and also for an overseas visit to San Francisco.

    There are very few insurance companies that I am aware of that will insure you for big game hunting in the UK, infact Haymans is the only one I am aware of.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Haymans and NFU Mutual don't offer safari insurance anymore.

    I was joking about the snake, I have worked at a Safari lodge for 6 months in the past.

    It looks like all the UK insurers have stopped offering hunting insurance

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