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Thread: A real hardware store

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    A real hardware store

    I was on Lewis last week and we took a spin down to Tarbert on the Isle of Harris. No visit to Tarbert is complete without dropping in to the Tarbert Stores. Part of the appeal is almost certainly that the shop and building must contravene almost every law and Health and Safety directive ever invented by the performing sea lions in Europe. It is impossible to define what the shop sells as it appears to sell almost everything and I suspect if you ask the right question there is a solution in there for nearly every problem. There is also a range of nails that has to be seen to be believe, many in bags on the floor in a dark corner where you trip over them. I guess this helps you find them. I believe that the store may be for sale and I really can't imagine anyone buying it to run it or preserve it in its current state so if you happen to be in Tarbert be sure to drop in and have a look while you have the chance.

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    Good old Alec....... world renown!!!!!! He certainly is a character is Alec.

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    Thanks for that, i'm going to the hebs later in the year, im gonna pay that place a visit.

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