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Thread: Vixens at this time of year

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    Vixens at this time of year

    Hi All

    Just wondering about peoples thought on shooting vixens at this time of year.
    Given that there are probably dependant cubs in an earth somewhere.
    I personally don't relish the idea of leaving dependant cubs.
    I completely understand that there will differing opinions on this depending on your needs and requirements.

    All the best


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    As a sheep farmer, my view is that although I do not relish the thought, every lamb I save makes the deed a little more palatable.

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    The problem is you either shoot them or leave them to breed happily and have 6 times the problem over and after harvest by which time they will have hammered your ground nesting birds and leverets and the likes. With that in mind we shoot all the way through dealing with any litters we can locate as we go, preference is in finding the hole and then dealing with adults and then cubs but its rare its that simple.

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    Does this not get asked every year??
    Its a can of worms.
    Most shepards and gamekeepers will shoot them all year around when they get the chance.
    Other people don't.
    Those who make a living from the land and in a way where the fox may damage that living you can understand the lack of sentiment. Most who kill foxes now will try and locate the set and deal with the cubs as well as killing the vixen does not always kill the cubs.

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    Yep, although it's not the nicest thought in the world, most Keepers I know would agree that the last thing they need is an excited young fox slaughtering dozens of young poults against the release pen wire come release time.

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    There is no close season, they are shot like vermin
    I believe in compassion but ultimately if you are controlling predator numbers for the good of other populations you have to draw the line somewhere.

    Would you extend rabbits, carrion crows and magpies the same courtesy?

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    Enough said!!!!!

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    The ideal scenario is to see fox or signs of their work, find the earth, deal with both of the adults, then deal with the cubs so they do not starve. Distasteful enough but if we are going to do it, we need to do it right.
    In the real world, many vixens are taken as opportunist shots. Again if they are found to have cubbed, the proper thing to do is to make every effort to find the earth and deal with the dog, or second vixen as in my experience it is surprisingly common to shoot a cubbed and a barren vixen at the same earth, then the cubs. This is for humane reasons regarding the cubs and also to prevent the second adult moving and rearing a litter which was wrongly poresumed to have been "dealt with".

    Thats my opinion on the matter.

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    Excellent points raised Gents.
    Keep up the good work.


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    This may indeed come up every year and in one sense its rather comforting it does but to my mind its also a reminder of the key difference between those able to commit fulltime to fox control and those who cannot. This is not to knock the latter but before the toys fly how many of us can truly say we’re on the ground as much as a humane approach to orphaned cubs dictates?



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