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    Wanted 300wm or 30-06

    Looking for a 300WM or a 30-06 for a project

    Anything considered
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    must by a unloved unwanted item lurking in someones cupboard somewhere!?

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    Give Jim Baker a call (tel:07733 043823) as he is always doing stuff with .30's.
    He's my local rfd/gunsmith, but usually has a lot of cheap guns knocking around as well as the piles of really tasty ones!
    He is a great bloke to deal with too. Tell him Fred gave you his number and he might give you something off or chuck something in! You never know

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    Have a mint and boxed Remington PSS, in 300 winmag,
    done less than 400 rounds , 850 inc RFD fee's

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