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Thread: 1.3 or 1.7 Astra van

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    1.3 or 1.7 Astra van

    Evening all. Just after a bit of advice from people who know a lot more about these things than I do. I am in the market for an Astra van. Not for work, but for going to my local shoot two or three time a week (15 miles on country roads)' but with the monthly long haul to Scotland or Devon for shooting or climbing. So never that much weight in the back.
    So my question is. Go for a 1.3 for the day to day stuff but struggle on the motorway or go with the 1.7, cruise on the motorway but waste money on the local runs.
    Help, experience, recommendations all greatly appreciated.

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    You will always regret it more on the motorways then you will with the tiny difference in local running about.


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    1.7 less rev's less fuel or work out % of long runs to short? i still would have the 1.7 as more grunt for same weight van

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    torque over revs
    when it comes to cars/vans/4wd's .....always go for torque, you will probably find that it uses less anyway as you are not revving its nuts off to get it to go anywhere!

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    Lads, many thanks. Once again you have come to my rescue. Many thanks.

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    I've had a couple of 1.7 Astra deisel estates and they're very good cars. Fuel consumption was usually in the region of 46-48mpg between fill ups. If I did any long runs such as up to Yorkshire or down to Bisley it would be just over 50. I'd definitely have another.
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    All information greatly appreciated. Just to go the other side would a 1.9 be better than a 1.7 in the same scenario.or am I now lumping round a fuel guzzler on the shorter runs.
    ​Cheers Neil

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    stick with the 1.7 its a good one

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    Cars,engines,guns,willys and knives, bigger is always better !

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