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    Is buying a GWP a minefield? Mines just 2y and has now had 6 fits. Started at 6 months or so and it appears she's more susceptible during her season. Its heartbreaking after all the training is just coming together. This was her first shooting season and has completed everything I asked of her. From 200y blind goose retrieves on the foreshore to tracking deer for 500m. I followed in my late fathers foot steps in owning a GWP . I'm not sure I'll get another. Is the UK gene pool to small? What lines are free?

    To all those GWP owners that have not completed a Free DNA test kit, you should for the good of the breed. Irrespective of epilepsy. Its completly confidential.

    at a loss


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    I have no idea if epilepsy is genetic in origin in dogs - I'm sure the vets on here will be able to advise? Medication should keep it under control and there is no reason why you shouldn't have a great working companion for many years. I had a (show bred) Cocker that had epilepsy, which also started around 6 months old and she worked for 12 years. There are some on here who saw her at work, so I can't claim she was exactly brilliant, but she did her share of getting game in the bag. She was treated with phenobarbitone, which can cause liver damage and it was liver failure that got her in the end. We still had 12 good years though. Sounds like you've got a good dog Charlie, get her medication sorted and crack on.

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    so sorry to hear this, what lines did the dog come from? to my knowledge there have been issues with certain lines that usually result in a bun fight on forums so always best to keep reasonably sensible on it, the one thing I noticed on the ones I looked at was a lot of inbreeding on both sides the pedigree was a disgrace but its no longer online. I have heard of the same via other breeds with accidentally close matings which due to the number of dogs owned got hidden by miss declaration of the dog. With GWP's it does seem to be getting rarer but was a concern when I bought mine and I did try and get one with a reasonable pedigree and touch wood she is now 5 and no health issues at all, with their character I would be absolutely gutted had I got one that developed epliepsy at that age.
    Simply you can do your research and I don't think they are much more of a minefield than any other breed you just occasionally get unlucky, its worth seeing if littermates are also affected and making sure the lines are noted and none are bred from.

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