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Thread: roe doe in manchester city centre

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    Tony cant see or read what you have put up mate.

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    Something similar has happened last 4 or 5 years at kicking out time. Manchester evening news normally runs a story. Think it was a young buck in Salford last year and a pair in sale the year before.

    My uunderstanding is that they come down the tram and train lines and end up in town. I assume they go back out the way they came!


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    Just googled it and men is running a story of a doe fished out of the Bridgewater canal yesterday! Wrongly identified as a fallow and no doubt taken to Dunham massey to recover. I believe the canals are one of the main reasons that Cheshire doesn't have a large deer population.

    Also found a separate story from earlier in the week about a young roe doe seen right in the city centre. I'd say they were different deer given the geographical locations.


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    Sorry willie_gunn try this hope it works

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