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Thread: Carcass extraction barrow

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    Carcass extraction barrow

    Keith's Highseats | Our Products - Carcass Preparation Unit

    ​anyone use one of these? Or something similar???

    the barrow that is, not the deer dangly thing.
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    My old man use and electric folding barrow. Its not dissimilar to that, he originally bought it for his allotment but uses it for stalking all the time now if i'm not with him as age has unfortunately caught up on him. Reckons its great and worked really well even in the shitty cut commercial plantation up north of the border. When i'm home i'll ask him where he got it from or borrow it if you wanted a look? You cant be to far away.

    Edit - if you didn't want electric one of the folding barrows i reckon would be a better and cheaper alternative
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    Depends on the terrain, can't see it being much good imagine the wheels are to small.

    What I have seen used which worked very well on the hill over very rough terrain was a home made job best described as looking like a stretcher, which was mounted on to a frame with a single bicycle wheel , the wheel being mounted mid point of the stretcher affair.

    It worked well but the downside was you need two people to operate it.

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    100 ? how much is a wheel barrow?

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    After meny meny years chasing carp all over the place I soon realised that a 2 wheel barrow is of no use other than swearing at. A single 10"+ wheel filled with foam or even a run flat tire from northern tools it what is needed.

    I use a Carp porter for getting Fallow out of the woods and places I cant get the outlander to.

    only one gripe is the back legs. if you have crops or long grass then the legs keep catching.

    I have been looking at a folding type but I think I can make better with a bit of thought.

    all the best


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    How far would it get in an hour across this:

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    ​Hiya, I've only got Roe on my land, and after having to drag /carry a nice Buck almost 2 miles back to the car, decided, enough was enough...I bought a few of these at my local garage and secreted them around the land, Mind you, they ain't the bright red ones... it makes the job VERY easy coupled with a bungee cord ....and at a fiver each...well worth the expense...
    They might well do for larger deer, as I'm almost 16st and have sledged with them along with the grandkids , and they ( the sledge) LOL.... took the punishment pretty well...


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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    How far would it get in an hour across this:

    It doesn't have to, just need something to remove fallow from the "manicured" woodland where i cant take truck on my new lease

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    I use a plasters tray with a harness , have moved big stags and fallow on my own over clear fell.

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