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Thread: Nice buck on video.

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    Nice buck on video.

    I was out with a client the other day and managed to hold his video camera during the last part of the stalk.

    Got some nice footage,


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    yp thats one nice buck super footage

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    A great bit of filming there,and,a lovely Buck,I wish we had some as good down here,but,we never seem to get the colour that you get up there why would you say that was?


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    Hi Martin,

    I was always led to believe that the colour of the antlers is due to the type of trees and bushes in the area.

    This wood is full of large laurel bushes.

    Also, the antler in this particular area is very dense, whish may or may not have some effect?

    The buck below is also very dark and was shot 4 years ago, 1/2 a mile away from the one in the video.

    126.8 cic


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    Thank you for that, Mark. I was there with you and even stifled a cough rather than spook him!

    Did I count eight points, or was it just pearling?

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    Fantastic footage
    It was so similar to a buck i shot last year( the head wasn't as good though, or as beautifully coloured).He was in reeds and as this one all you could see was antler,the tension was amazing wondering whether i was going to get a shot before he saw or winded me.It was about the same distance when he saw me and done the same as that buck did and put his head high enough for me to neck him.
    I was with you all the way watching it, wondering whether he was going to walk into a clearing.I'll bet the lad will remember that for a while.


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    Thank you for your kind comments.

    You know that spot.

    It has some large bits of pearling and one bit would certainly be classed as a point, I make it 7.

    It was exciting for me as well, certainly one I'll remember forever. It's not easy to hold a video camera while looking at the buck through bino's and quietly instructing the client too. Oh, and I had to put my finger in my ear so the muzzle break didn't deafen me!!!

    He also did 6 days pigeon shooting, during which he had some good bags too.


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