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Thread: dsc level 1/2 - why take?

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    dsc level 1/2 - why take?

    hello all,
    i have been on this site for some time now and read a lot of articles and contributed myself.
    i see a lot of people on here have taken there dsc 1&2 and i was just wondering wether they have done this as they have 'WANTED' to take the courses or if they have done it as they feel they 'NEEDED' to take the courses???
    i want to express my feelings regarding this without being out of line and upsetting people.
    i have been shooting now for over 25 years and deer stalking for over 15 years and i do feel i am an experienced and safety conscious person.
    i myself have not taken either course and my reasons are that until it is law im afraid a certificate is not going to make me more safety conscious than i already am, it wont make me a better shot than i already am(i do have my misses like everyone else!! )
    and im sure it will not make me understand the movement of deer any more.....that on its own is a mystery!!
    maybe you guys are just looking to the future but after speaking with a few of you in the forum, im sure the knowledge you have did not come from taking the dsc level 1&2 courses.
    no disrespect to people that run these courses, i have heard they are very interesting but my own opinion like i say, until it becomes law my personal knowledge and experience will come from the days i spend in the fields/woods etc amongst the quarry i shoot!!
    like i said, i would be very interested to hear peoples views on why they took the courses.......WANTED or NEEDED!!
    all the best


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    With most of the big Forestry companies you will need a minimum of DS1 to stalk on there ground, if it is Forestry commission land then it is level 2. So unless you stalk deer on farm land you really have to have one of them.

    I did mine because I wanted to know the theoretical side of deer stalking and I have no regrets personally in taking the DSC.

    Best rgds


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    Hi Duggers,
    I took the course about ten years ago. I'd just left the Forces and wanted to get into Environmental work, 'Rangering' or something. A friend of mine at the BDS was running a course and suggested that it would be a good move as I had very much enjoyed my time working with the Rangers on the deer at the estate he was manager of. I enjoyed the course and there was some very 'Old and bold' stalkers on it i must say. I knew nothing of deer and had to work hard at it. We all passed with high scores and my interest in deer grew into the rabid interest I have now. It helped me understand deer but not as much as this site and its members have.
    I want to do my DSC2 but have mixed feelings about it as I think it is expensive and I'm not sure that it proves anything, I know stalkers with the DSC2 that can't stalk for toffee!. A good reference from a land owner would be just as good. I think we need 'best practice' and health and safety but I would prefer this to be in the form of a Deer Management NVQ.

    Just my humble opinion Ladies and Gents!

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    hi thar, all my stalking is farm land and adjacent woods so it is taken on an understanding with the farmer, i do understand that forestry commision require the dsc,s but as i do not shoot on business run land then i shall carry on as usual.
    thanks for your input!!
    all the best

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    hi beowulf,
    from your posts i can see you have a high passion for deer and conservation and understand why you may want to take the course, i must admit the cost was always a thing for me too, you have to pay for the priveledge of a guy who probably has no more experience(in some cases, not all....said to cover my arse!!!) to tell you about what you already know!!
    at the end of the day to summarise........deer stalking requires a person to be safety conscious, a reasonable shot and at the end of the day a general conservationist whos interests are not to wipe deer off the planet but to manage them to a reasonable standard!!
    thanks for your reply
    all the best


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    Hi Duggers,
    I really feel that a book should be available that all new stalkers can get hold of and read. Yes their are lots of books, I think I have read most of them! But a stalking/deer management manual with good pictures and step by step intructions. I must say that I wasn't impressed with the BDS's manual for the DSC1 course, I hope that its got better since I took the course.

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    I think the DS2 has lost its way, it was supposed to be a test for stalkers that had gained experience in the field, but now you have people shooting their first three deer on there level two assessment. little weight seems to be given to the portfolio any more. Personally I would like to see the whole thing looked at again and only people who have say a minimum of 50 deer in there portfolio be allowed to do there DS2.

    It would then reflect that a person gaining this qualification has some practical stalking experience no just shot 3 deer and read up and watched DVDs until enough had sunk in.

    Never happen of cause too much money would be lost by the BDS and BASC.

    Best rgds


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    I am an examiner for professional medical qualifications and there is quite a good reason to take a formal qualification once in a while. My argument is that a update and refresher on safety and the every changing laws pertainig game management is never a waste of time. Most people think they are more up to date than they really are as it forces you to look at areas of the profession you may not even know about.

    I think if your living depends on deer management than DSC2 is a good/necessay thing to have but I am not sure the qualification is that practical.
    1. I would like to see a minimum portfolio of 25 deer shot + records before applying.
    2. Some of the content appears dogmatic and obscure
    3. The assessment technique may not be practical with those who have difficult ground to manage or where numbers are low (sometimes a function of good management). I know on my patch it could take either a day or 18 months to get the witnessed stalk depending on organisation.

    I personally would recommend the DSC1 for the amateur but I* see no value in DSC2 unless you wish to stalk FC land.


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    As a total novice , I took my DSC1 before I started stalking as although I have been shooting for years, deer were a totally new ball game for me.
    Yes it was quite expensive but for a novice with no other starting options I believe that it is good grounding as I personally learnt alot of the theory side. I believed that I should have some understanding of my quarry before I started out.
    I was also of the opion that if I had the chance to approach any new land owner searching for some stalking it might improve my chances. ( Well that ones hasn't quite worked out yet, but hey, we all have to start somewhere & that is on the bottom rung.)
    Saying that I have been out with a stalker ( friend of a friend) a couple of times & I learnt an incrediable amount in those outings.
    If a novice gets the chance to get under the wing of an experienced stalker or even just to go out once in a while, my advice is jump at it.
    No paperwork will ever replace experience in my opion, you only learn hands on.

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    Hi all,

    Going to take my DSC1 soon as I have the opportunity to do some culling for N.E in the future, so its a must. I dont feel from what I have been told that it will reveloutionise my views, but you never know, and in this day and age you need a bit of paper for everything! As a op's manager for a large transport company dont I know about it.

    The one thing that worries me is the crop of new courses that seem to be about, mainly on marksmanship, and rifle handeling etc. I believe in some areas that local licensing are insisting on one of these being done before granting a FAC. How long before they are necessary for renewals? I this the case?

    Dont get me wrong I am a very safety consious shooter, but I just get the impression that some companies (no names) are attempting to cash in on this letigious and red tape bound society of ours, and making a rod for our backs in the process.


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