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Thread: Firearms Licensing Departments and Stockholm Syndrome?

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    Firearms Licensing Departments and Stockholm Syndrome?

    Borrowed from Wikipedia:
    The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological shift that occurs in captives when they are threatened gravely but shown acts of kindness by their captors. Captives who exhibit the syndrome tend to sympathize with and think highly of their captors, at times believing that the captors are showing them favor stemming from inherent kindness. Such captives fail to recognize that their captors' choices are essentially self-serving. When subjected to prolonged captivity, these captives can develop a strong bond with their captors, in some cases including a sexual interest.

    Now, leaving aside the sexual interest, does any of this sound familiar with respect to shooters (as capitives) and FLDs (as captors)?

    To me, there do seem to be parallels (rather than similarities; for not we, but our freedoms, are the threatened captives of the FLDs) when I think about 'conditioned' mentoring, territorial, quarry and ammunition quantity restrictions and other such irritations which serve no purpose in terms of public order but do cause annoyance and inconvenience to FAC-holders.

    I consider myself very fortunate in that my relationship with the local Licensing Department is cordial and mutually respectful; by which I mean that we have in the past had marked disagreements which have been resolved satisfactorily after warm discussion and reference to law and HO Guidance.

    It is, of course, necessary to bear in mind that the clerks in the FLD are just that, and that although the FLOs themselves are acting under direction from the Chief Constable via their Boss, their word is not law, and that polite, well-reasoned counter-arguments might not be so badly receieved as one might think; in Manchester, at least.

    So, who's for Stockholm Syndrome, and who's for polite, assertive use of the HO Guidance and Law to produce safe, convenient FAC administration?

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    stockholm syndrome

    Not wanting to rant, but polite discussions are only possible when both parties are willing to engage, some won't engage due to a lack of knowledge and or training some due to a power trip.

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    Re: stockholm syndrome

    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Not wanting to rant, but polite discussions are only possible when both parties are willing to engage, some won't engage due to a lack of knowledge and or training some due to a power trip.
    No hint of a rant there as far as I can see; just an accurate assessment of what reasonably often seems to happen, and which has also happened to me.

    My remedy was to stop discussions with the officer who fitted that category and to approach the boss of the department directly.

    If you don't feel that the specific FLO dealing with you is not doing so fairly or within the law and HO guidance (perhaps because of the reasons Finnbear gives above) there is always recourse to the boss.

    Stay polite, stay helpful. Discuss your predicament with BASC or similar organisation. If your requirements are reasonable, all should be well.

    It has worked for me, at least.

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    On advice from Mike Eveleigh @ marford, I telephoned the chief constables admin officer, well what a fall of soot that caused!, I don't think I made any friends that day!

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    It would appear that some people at the firearms office (GMP being a prime example), especially at the lower end of the chain, don't have as much knowledge as you would expect, however they also have the authority to carry decisions forward.
    Having had several dealings of this nature it took a call to Basc firearms depot to confirm that my knowledge was correct and then based a case on the information, at which stage the firearm officer backed down.

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    stockholm syndrome

    I feel another rant coming on! "I need a different calibre to shoot heavier heads than my present .223 can stabilise, I'm very happy with it in it's present role, (fox & geese), I know you won't let me have TWO rifles in the same cal, so how about a 25.06 to shoot 80+ gn heads for Roe etc;?" reply........ "HMMMNNN, will get back to you." phone goes following day, "You already have roe on your .223"........"Yes, I'm aware of that, I want to shoot some thing a little heavier thanks"..... "We think you already have enough rifles!".........someone higher up the food chain comes on the blower,..."Youv'e applied for a twentyfivedotohsix",..."Yes"...followed by the explanation from the start again,...."I'll be back in touch".....two days later..."You can't have a twentyfivedotohsix, how about a .243?", "Sigh o.k." (as Iv'e had one in the early days to start stalking & know it's a good compromise for the reasons given), ..."o.k. we'll get back to you" goes again,"You will have to write in again with some different reason to aquire".... I say "forget it" WONDER WHAT A TWENTYFIVEDOTOHSIX is anyway??

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    I can show you what a Doto is . . .

    Sounds like you have been dealing with some terrestrial Dotos . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    I can show you what a Doto is . . .

    Sounds like you have been dealing with some terrestrial Dotos . . .

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    And who says the boss will know any better than those lower down the foodchain?? Not necessarily so, in my experience. BUT...the higher up the food chain you go...the more they feel their authority / status / testosterone ... is being challenged if you try and put them right on points of law or regulations.
    I know I would just blow my stack when they ask to "discuss" things when you apply for variations etc. and that's when i find BASC fantastic to come along and do all the talking!
    I managed to get two .308's on my ticket - one with a moderator and one without. I managed (with help of BASC) to convince them that they may be the same calibre but they are sometimes for two different purposes.

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    Our Licensing Dept were always very fair, the head of dept would have a chat a discuss matters informally and give you advice, generally quite god as he was a shooter himself.
    Now he's just retired and I need a variation, not going to judge but I think the new guy is not going to be as accomodating from the few whispers I've heard so far

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