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Thread: Steyr Pro Varmint .223

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    Steyr Pro Varmint .223

    I was just wondering if anyone had had a go with a Steyr Pro Varmint or owns one and what your thoughts were as there is very little online about it.
    I've got one on order from Sportsman and in the pre-rifle excitement whilst waiting, I'm wondering if its the right choice.
    I keep reading so much about how well Tikka's shoot out of the box and there's so much more info out there about recommended loads etc that I've got a nagging doubt that I should be buying a Tikka Super Varmint instead, especially as it has got that adjustable comb.

    On the other hand, I do love my Steyr Scout and it would be nice to have the same safety, trigger etc on both rifles. I also really like the look of the Pro Varmint, not to mention the fact that everyone has got a tikka

    Decisions decisions!

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    had a steyr classic several years ago it was a fantastic gun & i am sorry i chopped it in!
    but like you i have been thinking of going back to 223.. & was really tempted with the pro vamint too.. & though i havent bought one yet I sort of set my mind on a super varmint. it was just the stock that put me off the steyr slightly, but i'm sure something could be done with that..

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    i to use a steyr scout but in .243 it shoots 1/2moa so i would get another one in .223 but if its a varmint barrel you wish to get i would go for the tikka t3sv
    l and i had one in .308 Tac heavy barrel bit of a bark so it needed a mod even on the range ,i got rid as every bugger called it the A.S.B.O LOL and would not come to the line when it was in use due to the flash/brake kicked up so much dust sorry off subject

    SO none varmint steyr scout BUT Varmint i would get t3 VAR/ PRO.
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    Thanks guys. I love my scout so don't think I'll have a problem with the Steyr but just wondered if the Super Varmint was better as it would free up 300 towards the scope budget.
    It's all in, so off down to Newport this afternoon to collect. If they've got a super varmint in there, then ill have a play in comparison but if not, Pro Varmint with Swarovski Z3 it is

    Pics and write up to follow.

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    nice combo remember good rings? i fitted warn QD'S to mine rock solid

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    Back too late to do much but just time for a quick Steyr line-up shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crosshair243 View Post
    Back too late to do much but just time for a quick Steyr line-up shot

    stunning mate! nice line up! let us know how it goes....

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    Well, I went down to sportsman and first impression out of the box was wow! It's every bit as good looking in real life. Second opinion was holly cow! I see what people mean about these styer stocks! They do flex a lot! It's just not a problem that exists on the Scout.I can make it touch easily on one side, but if you load into the rifle/bipod (as opposed to pulling like i do on the Scout to make sure it doesn't un click itself) then the gap opens up rather than closes, so as long as I remember to do that, I'm sure it will be fine.
    I did pick up a Tikka T3 Varmint without the adjustable stock just to have a play and make sure I was doing the right thing. The Tikka stock moved too! So that was enough to persuade me to stick to my choice.

    Exeter sportsman had sent up some crappy sling in the package, so I swapped it over for a Butler Creek one to match my Scout. The mod is a roedale. The mounts are Warnes and the scope is a Swarovski Z3 4-12 x 50 with the almost-too fine BRX reticle.

    I opted to have them not set it up for me as I'd been looking forward to playing with it. However, I'm still not sure it's quite right cant-wise. Trouble is, there's no flat surface or obvious correlation between the action and the stock or the bipod. We did it with a plumb line and a bubble on the picante rail, but it doesn't look quite right!
    Once the wind dies down, I'll go back to the range and try the inverted T method to check alignment.

    So today, I did the best I could to zero downwind on our makeshift range. It wasn't perfect, the wind was gusting from about 7-16mph and seemed to know when I was trying to shoot
    I started by bore-sighting at 25yards and then fired a single shot which felt good and was an inch high. So I adjusted off of that and then had to adjust just once more to hit a measured 1" low.
    Out to 100 and it was about 1.75inches out. A couple more clicks and bullseye! Very pleasing.
    I fired two more shots to make sure and they spread out with the wind to form a 1.5" three shot group.
    Good enough until I've shot the barrel in and checked alignment.

    I couldn't get 80 of one brand of bullet so I bought 40x 50g Sako game heads and 40 x 50g Norma Vmax as that's all they had. The plan was to zero and play with the Sakos, then once they're gone, give it a good clean, zero, check alignment and if they're any good through it, stick to the Norma's.

    Off round the shoot with my Swarovski Optics App ready on the iPhone and my spotter (wife) with range finder and binos!!
    That Swarovski app is amazing and gives ranges or even a spread of ranges for each line and dot on the ballistic reticle.

    I managed to shoot three crows without any help from my spotter as I already knew they were inside 200 and aimed dead on. Then the last field we got to which rises steeply away into a wood, had a wary crow in it which hopped up into the low branches. With a clear and visible safe backstop in the form of the steep bank, I knew we had time to range-find. 212 yards was the answer and a quick check on the app showed us the first ballistic line is 213- perfect. Leaning across the cab and firing out of the passenger window, I flicked the set trigger forward, steadied my aim and put the ballistic reticle on its chest. SMACK! I was able to watch the Gamehead split the feathers right where I aimed through the crystal clear scope set to 12x mag.
    Ok, so no tremendous shot but very satisfying with a box fresh rifle in a caliber I hadn't shot for 9 years.

    All in all I'm incredibly pleased! I feel bad for splashing out so much cash on yet another gun but I'm going to get some serious enjoyment out of this thing! And that's just by looking at it

    A quick screenshot of the Swarovski App:

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    Well, I managed to christen my new toy, uh I mean tool tonight
    I've been out twice a day after the crows with it and managed to rack up 9 kills of various ranges out to about 220. Then today, I decided to use the last 10 or so of the Sako Gameheads on a target just seeing if I could improve my groups in the still conditions. In the end, I tweaked the zero at the same time as it turned out the Norma VMax shot to the exact same point of aim. So I've now got it on a 160 yard zero (achieved by zeroing to 0.5 inches high at 100.

    Anyway, in the course of the day, I happened to range-find some crows out on a field of young oats and they were near as dammit 300yards away. Unfortunately they flew off before I was able to take the shot.

    Fast forward to tonight, and swinging the lamp across the same field, I spot a fox in rough grass behind the oats, which I also measured at 356yards earlier today.
    Pulling in the field gateway, I started weighing up an approach. I'd left my battery pack at home which was a shame as the only viable option to shorten the distance was to walk out on foot for which the wind was also perfect.
    I took a deep breath and gave my loudest, hardest squeak. To my amazement, she started to move forward. So, I switched off the lamp and squeaked my heart out for two minutes. At the same time, I unplugged the hand-held lamp, plugged in the scope mounted one, rested the rifle on the wing mirror and cycled the bolt.
    I then flicked on the lamp.
    She was out in the field now, right where the crows had been earlier.
    She was sat up like a dog just staring.
    I took stock of the situation. To be fair, she didn't look particularly bothered. Nor did she look like coming forward any more however. I also knew the distance and I also knew where to aim.
    I slowed my breathing, rested my head back on the stock and took another look.
    Not only did I have a great view, but the gentle breeze was exactly 12:00. The only thing against the shot was that she wasn't broadside
    The crosshairs wouldn't budge though. So, I flicked off the safety, set the trigger and then let fly.

    One significant advantage over my Scout .243 is the lack of perceived recoil and the ability to watch my shots home.

    The bullet seemed to take forever before whacking satisfyingly into the fox. She turned a small circle and collapsed, stone dead.
    The little Vmax had made a right mess (hence the edited pic, I do know how to frame a picture honest!) and I was very pleased!
    Not sure what the actual range was but it was 280 big paces.
    This gun is every bit as good as I'd hoped!
    Very very happy right now!

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    One more gratuitous picture

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