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    Doctor Unipoint 3-12x50 Illuminated reticule.
    Has the 4.0 reticule.
    Only bought a month or so ago, but want another Swaro.
    9.5/10 condition.


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    A very satisfied SD member

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    Doctor Unipoint 3-12x50 Illuminated reticule

    Ok Boys
    Lets stop peeing up one anothers backs eh , Ha Ha Ha

    Have you two got some sort of a relation ship or affair ongoing

    Only having a laugh boys, sorry


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    My posts are referring to the transaction, the article and price sold
    I am not really into 'Golden Rain' (any more)

    It is a bit of a coincidence that he bought an item from me and I used his money, well some of it, to buy something from him but I promise there is nothing more to it than that

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    Doctor Uni-point 3 - 12 x 56

    If there was anybody else interested in this 'scope, get in touch with me.
    It is an excellent 'scope but a little too much for the rifle I wanted it for.
    I am now, subject to disposal of this one, on the look out for a fixed 6 x 42
    I can make do with it so am not in a hurry but thought I'd put this post up in case I beat anybody to it when it was first put on here.
    Incidentally, it is a 3-12 x56 not as previously stated.

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    EMcC You have a PM

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    PM Received and replied to, thanks.

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    Transaction now in progress
    Thanks to all the respondants, PM's, this site is brilliant, or rather I should say, the members of this site are brilliant
    Thanks Again.

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    Hi Folks I have just got to say that EMcC is a true gent and a pleasure to chat to on the phone!
    I was going to be the intended customer for the docter scope but while phoning around trying to get a price on my own I was offered a cracking deal on a swaro and EMcC being the gent that he is said go for it!
    So thank you EMcC and anyone looking for a good deal on a Docter give EMcC a Pm.

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