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Thread: Unusual amount of Barren Vixens found this time ??

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    Unusual amount of Barren Vixens found this time ??

    We have had a number of barren vixens in the last few weeks, in fact there have been an unusual amount ?
    Because of the lenght of time they are shouting and screaming i have always thought, most vixens would become pregnant.
    It was usually the case if you found a vixen then it was not unusual to find a dog or several with her.
    It may well be a coincidence that we have had quite a few barren ones, what are you guys getting over the last say 6 weeks
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    Shot three foxes on my last stalking trip to Dumfries, one dog and two barren vixens. All in full daylight, dog at 9 am, vixens early evening.

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    Off the top of my head 4 in cub/had cubs.
    Against 5 or 6 barren.
    Had 17 total since 1st jan, only had 24 for the whole of last year.

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    The last 2 I shot on our shoot 2 weeks ago where very healthy barren vixens. I don't expect vixens at this time of year so it was a bit of a surprise when I went and picked them.
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    Probably shot around 15 in last few weeks, around five have been vixens and only one had cubs still inside her, others where barren, seems to me to be more barren around this year, maybe the crap summer?cheers

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    I have shot 12 so far this year (about the same as last year where I finished with 102). Last 4 were shot last week. 3 dogs and a milky vixen. One of the dogs had a wife and cubs and the keeper cleaned them up the next night. Talking to the grouse boys round about they have been seriously mopping up by tracing following all the snow and they have been finding cubs too. Seems a normal year to me and I am just down the road from you TH.
    I would really expect to shoot very few mothering vixens the last few weeks as most will be underground. I am not surprised however that vixens shot are barren as it is perfectly normal to have barren vixens in "mums" territory helping out. It is normal for only one vixen per territory to be pregnant so if you are encountering barren vixens it could well be because there are more foxes left this year as most of the "wing mirror warriors" did not get out lamping as much last year due to wet ground and perpetual bad weather. Finding a barren one does not mean you wont find cubs on your ground in 2 months, in fact I bet you do. Be interesting to see

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    I have had 25 this year mostly dogs, but all the vixens were barren.

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    This week so far 1:3 of vixens barren, for last few months has been exclusively dogs with one milky vixen prob 3 weeks ago.

    Will check records


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    The fact that some vixens are below ground with cubs could have a bearing on it. I normally expect to get more barren vixens this time of year but the nursing ones will shoew up in due course.

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    Over the years, after christmas and into February it was usual if i found a vixen in an earth, then there was a very very good chance a dog would be with her if not more than one.
    On three ocasions i can remember bolting 6 foxs out of the same earth.
    When hunting was legal, this was the time when dog foxs were traveling and once put on there feet would go straight back home literaly, giving the best hunts.
    I made the assumption (possibly wrongly) that foxs were similar to cats, in that all the noise they make attracts several mates and she would be covered more than once, and become pregnant. (hopefully the Vet chaps on here will comment)
    I made another assumption that a very high precentage of vixens would carry and have a litter of cubs
    This year we have had more barren vixens then ever before. (possibly a blip)
    From the sounds of it you guys have been getting a few barren vixens also..
    I take shootingduckdogs comments "wing mirror warriors have not been out so much due to wet weather"
    Do you guys think its a normal year, in which a mean the number of barren vixens you have caught.
    Many thanks TH
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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