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Thread: A holiday in Poland to remember (pictures)

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    A holiday in Poland to remember (pictures)

    I went for a holiday in Poland. As me and my wife are originally from Poland, we usually go there to visit our families.
    To cut the story short, I had really good time and was out stalking a few mornings and evenings.

    The first week was with my family and I shot over our club's 20000 acres of land.
    The very first morning was a success. I spotted a buck chasing a doe. I was surprised as it looked quite young with a poor head. I even thought it might be a yearling. It looked like there was no older buck in the area. I decided that he will not make a good father...

    I rested my rifle, and bang! 7x64 9g bullet. It dropped on the spot.

    The following morning I went to look for a big boar I saw the previous evening. It was to dark to shoot him. I found three yearlings instead. They were feeding on oats. When the first one tried to cross the ride and I spotted he's a male, bang! I went for a dog and saw a light lung blood on the ride. It managed to go 150-180 meters with a 7x64 bullet through the lungs. The blood was all over the oats.

    It weighted 48kg and even fitted Daewoo Matiz boot

    I also managed to go wildfowling (only one duck... ) and to shoot a few pigeons.

    The second week we spent with my wife's family. My father in law took me a few times stalking with him.
    I missed a big boar.... Sorry, no pictures

    We also saw a few red stags. The rut will soon begin. Male groups started to split and we even heard some stags roaring.

    One morning we started to stalk a group of 6 stags, but they were all young. Nothing interesting. But then we spotted HIM. He was feeding on the edge of a buckwheat field.

    It was quite a distance away, but I managed to hit him with my father's in law .30-06 Mannlicher. Once in a lifetime buck for me!

    Now, go back to Scotland.


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    some great pictures!, you're lucky to be so well travelled. Steve.

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    That's a great write up and some super pictures. You're right about that buck as well - not many chances like that come along in a lifetime

    I've been to Warsaw, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, but for work rather than pleasure, other than one fishing trip to Slovenia . Every time I travel I look at the country from a hunter's perspective. Eastern Europe always looks like fantastic hunting, and one of these days I'll get round to doing something about it.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stalking trips.


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    Well done Greg, sounds like you had a great holiday!

    That second buck is a great trophy.


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    what a fantastic time you look to of had
    i went to poland this year , for the very first time after boar
    hopefully will get another chance next jan
    fantastic country, fantastic shooting and met the most amazing people whilst over there, and was treated like a king
    a few pics to remind you of home
    Wild boar ham and sausauge

    a drink called bimba(home made vodka) or simply called rocket fuel

    a few of the boar

    luv the mixed bag you had and what a very special buck too 8)
    looks like a x whitetail

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    nice write up an pics 8) like that strange lookin head on the second buck

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