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Thread: vortex binoculars

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    vortex binoculars

    hi has anyone got any experience with the vortex viper hd binoculars, they get a very good review. your thoughts please

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    Hi I shoot vortex diamond back rifle scope. It is really their entry level riflescope and i cant find anything wrong with the optics.Will be following the post to see what the other members think of the bino's!! Sorry i could not directly awnser your question. Just thought i would give my view.Best regards

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    I just bought a set of the vortex talon ones, they are the same quality and price but have a wider field of view and although they are taller they fold up smaller I hope and so can be stowed in a thigh pocket. I very nearly bought the viper hd, the reviews are excellent. When they arrive I'll post what they are like.

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    Hi there ,
    I have had a pair of Vortex Razor 10x42 for a good number now , and tried all the different make's out the back of the shop and I would have to say they are very good quality lens .
    One dinner time my self and the apprentice who had bought his father a stalking telescope tried to out see each other and there was nothing in it .
    The lens are on par on 10x with the S&B scope at last light . Were you can see objects with either that you can't see with the mark 1 eye ball .


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