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Thread: Quad tyres

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    Quad tyres

    Honda 500fm foreman
    The bike requires tyres front and back and was wondering what SD members use for general use .this bike is used mainly on farm tracks and field headlands hardly any road use .it has dunlops on it at the moment and found they wore down quickly .the bike is used 7 days a week 52 weeks a year

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    Duro buffalo or Kenda bearclaw you won't go wrong.

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    I have maxxis wildcats on my 500, the bike does forestry, farm and road work in equal parts and I cant fault them been on for 3years now and are wearing exceptionally well and are e marked for road use, the bearclaws are a great tyre if you purely off road and in a lot of mud but no use on road or hard ground.

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    Bear claws give good grip as said,
    But wear quickly.
    I feel it's just one of those trade off's between grip and longevity.

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    Hi norma BKT wings give good wear and grip and being a 6ply are a little more resistant to punctures than some, very similar to kenda bearclaws in tread pattern if you want more grip go for Kenda executioner these are also 6ply and very hard wearing,very similar to Goodyear mudrunner in appearance. hope this helps keith
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    Many thanks ,don't believe it but the Honda nearly let me down tonight stopped the bike turned the engine off shot two rabbits went to start again and just a click bugger ! Walked back to shed got leads and a battery (only had a new one dec ) when I got to bike again it started ,did it again but got going again .
    got home anyways will see what happens in the am .dodgy solenoid ?

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    Just went click, why not just pull the string ?
    On my Kawasaki 360 I never use the button for a cold start as it doesn't get much use, always goes first or second pull.


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    No pull start On the 500 mate glad there's not ohh my back lol .will see if she starts in a bit .

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    norma it will be the starter motor brushes, in some places they are just making enough contact, other times they aren't. occasionally if you pull rope whilst pressing button it will start to turn over,they aren't to bad to fit about 1/2 hour and cost is about 27 quid plus vat. we often have people say they need a new starter motor and it turns out to be new brushes.hope this helps keith
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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