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Thread: Unique Alpine TPG 1!

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    Unique Alpine TPG 1!

    My mates after one, anyone know where's one for sale?
    ​cheers J

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    I have one that I have been considering selling. It's a .308, and has not had a lot of use. The price would be more like half that of the one on Gun Mart!

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    Hi ive pm'd you


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    Many thanks to those who have shown an interest - I’ve had several enquiries wanting more details, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post them up in this thread:

    There is an aluminium case (not a factory item), but no muzzle break. There is a T8 moderator fitted though, which is extremely effective.

    The barrel is 26” from bolt face to crown.

    I can't be certain as to exactly how many rounds it's fired as I have two .308s and thus can't tell from my purchase records precisely what ammo went through which rifle. I would estimate, however, that it's probably had somewhere between 300 and 500 rounds through it. It hasn't been used much because not long after I bought it, I got into stalking and foxing in quite a big way. The terrain in mid-Devon wasn't designed for target rifles, so I bought a Sauer 202 for deer and another in .22-250 for foxes. I use them almost every day!

    As for accuracy - I can only comment on sub-400 yard stuff as that's all I've used it for. At those ranges it is stunningly accurate.

    The condition is excellent.

    I'm looking for 2,400 for the rifle with T8 mod, 150 for the bipod (I think these were 350-ish new), and 1,300 for the Zeiss Victory 6-24 scope with mounts. I don't think I've ever used the bipod. Or 3,750 ovno for the lot.

    If a prospective buyer wanted to come to mid-Devon (I know that may not be practical), they'd be very welcome to come and test-fire it for themselves.Click image for larger version. 

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    You have PM

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