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    Some help with boot choice please. I have wide feet, 9H, and end up buying wellingtons in bigger sizes to accommodate the width so end up with what can feel like clowns shoes on my feet. Does any one else have a similar problem and can you recommend a wide fitting make of boot. Many thanks


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    Leather lined Le Chameau Wellies, had two pairs and both were great tool the abuse and lasted!

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    Hi steve

    I have a pair of Musto Holmsides which throughout the winter beating have kept my feet warm and are cumfy, they are robust up to now have been through brambloes etc with them but ive only had them a few months however upto now they have served the purpose and served it well.

    I think i picked mine up for about 80/90 just before christmas, however they retail at 120.

    They are also neoperned lined (3mm)


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    I found seeland estate 18 to be superb expensive but should last with care.Regards,Glendine

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    Avoid Muckboots... not very pleased with mine, and will always stick with Chameau`s from now on.


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