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Thread: Do you have the safety instructions

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    Do you have the safety instructions

    Have you got a chain saw instuction book? URGENT
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    What make and model? I could maybe pdf one of mine if I have one of the right type.


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    Ha Ha !!!

    You rascal. I thought it was a genuine request as well.

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    Wonder if kalahari has twigged yet?

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    Too, too slow! Sorry. Silly thing is, I was circulating the joke a few weeks ago and I didn't even notice this time. Oh well the older I get the thicker I realise I am.


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    And the nomination for this year's Darwin Award is .....................!!

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    that takes balls or maybe it did
    a barony original

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    hahaha I wouldnt fancy trying that one to fire up the power axe.... nutter.

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    If you want the snip just as your GP ,best days work I ever had done !

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    He looks stupid enough to be my father in law.

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