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Thread: ? 223/.243 Moderator

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    ? 223/.243 Moderator

    Always needing to save expense when buying shooting equipment. would there be any lost of sound reduction
    if you used a .243 moderator on a .223 rifle also any know what would happen to accuracy if its is possible to swop rifles.

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    No loss of accuracy, in fact some say groups get tighter with a mod. Although you may have a different poi with a mod vs without, so will need to re zero.

    there may be some small difference between a 223 and 243 mod on a 223 rifle, but debate able whether it could be detected by the human ear.

    ​I use the same .308 mod on my .243 and .308 and its fine for both! ( ase utra northstar)

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    I also am aware of the cost of two mods so use the same one on my .308 as on my .223. Obviously the .223 is not the most effective with there being such a difference in bore size but it still works. As regards accuracy the .223 is far more accurate with the moderator on than without it, with the .308 it makes no difference and with the .308 there is no change to the point of impact. There again the .308 does have a heavy varmint barrel.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I use the same mod on my .223 and .243 (atex maxim 6.5mm). works perfect on both, no issues, in fact, I think it'd be f'ing crazy to have two.

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    I only have one mod and run it on 6 barrels .17,.22, .222, .243
    6.5mm bore

    works a charm

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    thank you all for your help.

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