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Thread: New Zealand

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    New Zealand

    I'm planning on a trip to New Zealand in 2014. Having spent hours searching the Web there are some fantastic packages available at fantastic prices. Anyone been to, have any contacts in or can recommend a reasonably priced guide / operator in NZ?

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    For how long and where abouts are you going in New Zealand? What would you like to shoot? I spent a year out there hunting
    Atb James

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    In no particular order and depends on what you want from your trip links to a couple of outfitters that can offer a variety of packages/experiences



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    If you want a UK based Outfitter I can give you a contact I used twice when I went out there.



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    Hi James,Thanks for your post. I don't know NZ at all and therefore don't realy have a preference as to which Island. I would imagine a couple of weeks but it all depends on price and availability. As to what would I like to shoot, I'm really not fussed, it depends on price. I don't think I could or would want to afford to shoot medal heads, rather shoot cull animals at a reasonable price.I'm planning on meeting my mate from Australia there so looking for a package for 2.Thanks
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    For how long and where abouts are you going in New Zealand? What would you like to shoot? I spent a year out there hunting Atb James

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    I used to shoot with Phil Wilson years ago when I was living in Christchurch (South Island) - - at the time he specialised in mountain hunting in the southern alps - Thar, Chamois etc, from the website it looks as if he is still going, highly experienced but not sure how his prices compare.

    I have also heard good things about Nathan Foster

    I would email a number of outfits and see what they come back with, there is a wide range of possibilities and getting a handle on relative costs can help shape your itinerary!

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    There are plenty of guides out there mate, just look on the net. All I did was email a couple people off the fishnhunt forum and got taken out for couple of crates of beer. Simples!!!
    you could even put a post up on there saying woud anybody take me out hunting. Pretty sure you woud get a response as they are a friendly bunch.
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    What do you want to hunt?
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    If u go on the DOC website there is masses of info, i was out in nov for a wedding tried to do a bit of hunting but a bad time off year, got flown into a DOC hut by heli with some mates to do some whitebaiting/drinking and possibly hunting but the coastal bush was too thick plus been poisoned, althou still seen deer and sign off deer and pig. The crew that flew/jet boated in after has had a couple off pig dogs with them

    If ur times limited u might be better off with a package/guide but over there really easy to hunt on DOC land for free and they also have some quite decent huts (some not so decent) or fly camp. I bought a book, forgot the bloody name now Spot X Hunting i think, it basically lists something like 1000 'x' marks the spot type places vuagely where deer/game are or should be and gives a quick description of place and likely spots/times. Hopefully will try to get out in a couple off years time just after the rut/roar and do a bit of DOC hunting living out of a tent. Dunno if u can order it here but NZ hunting magazine was a really good read.

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    Hi Sauer,
    What is it you are wanting to hunt in New Zealand? Are you after alpine animals (Tahr and Chamois?) Or deer? Or pigs?

    The fish'n'hunt forum based in NZ is a fantastic place to get contacts

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