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Thread: Payed foxing?????

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    Payed foxing?????

    We are again flat out lambing here in the borders, with this comes the normal fox predation problems.Recent conversation among a couple of local fox shooters was that they are getting a bit fed up of being expected to turn up in all weather to deal with a problem fox at the drop of a hat, with not much more than a thank you when the problem is dealt with. Now I know how satisfying it is to catch up with a lamb killer,but what would be a fair price on the head of a fox that had taken half a dozen lambs to date???. Spoke to a farmer at the weekend who has lost 20 lambs to a fox , these lambs COULD potentially reach 100 in the autum...
    Now im not looking for advice on how to deal with problem foxes, but your views on some sort of payment??
    I know there are several sheep farmers on this forum,your views could be valuable...

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    it should be 100 pound a fox,but we charge nowt.if you add up the time for both of you sat waiting in the lambing fields,we have found if you work out what time it comes you are half way there

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    If you are fed up with it, why do you do it? Do you get free stalking in return?

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    A thread of Hornets nest proportions?
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    never charged payment for pest control or foxin my farmer lets me shoot his land is enough .one pig farm used to have piglets go at 130 ish now he don't but i can drive around and shoot birds-rats-foxs- phes' -duck if you get my drift. but if it was a paid job the fee's in londoncan be around 60 per call out plus 100 per fox to remove a dispose of town red fellers


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    I have a job, it pays, I have a hobby it doesn't. I shoot foxes because I like shooting foxes. I am protecting the livelihood of farmers by default but the main reason I crawl about at all hours of the night in all weathers is because I enjoy it.

    ​I wonder how your original post would read if the farmers on whos land you shoot turned round and withdrew permission.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Interesting that this has come up, recently spent many unsociable hours in pursuit of a troublesome Fox here in Kent, the farmer was grateful and said thank you which in itself was fine as I have turned out for him for a number of years now but what went through my mind was the obvious panic/urgency in his initial phonecall that suddenly subsided into a "oh well thats that" attitude which led me to thinking "hold on" how about some reimbursement of Diesel/ammo costs not to mention the 4 late nights it took to sort out the culprit.
    Now if I had been responding to a pest control situation, domestic chicken raider for instance, perhaps I should be charging an hourly rate to cover expenses, but I guess all the time there is a steady number of new shooters coming on the scene who will sit up for nowt what chance do we have of even getting our costs back.
    My biggest problem at the moment locally is the number of lamp-shy foxes created by the weekend cowboys flashing lamps all over the countryside and trying to shoot out of range foxes with rimfires.

    Regards WB

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    Id pay to have a decent fox permission.

    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    I imagine it could easily backfire.
    how long before someone appears who is willing to pay for the vermin control/shooting rights ?
    Or said farmer gets himself a rifle ?
    I could see people turning up with foxes from elsewhere to claim the bounty.
    If it was me I would just crack on and keep my head down.
    Personally I think to ask for payment is to look for problems.

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    Plenty of would be fox shooters around here, as a farmer I get asked by lots of people for permission to shoot several times a month and would never dream of paying anybody to do it.

    I also do the foxing for several other local land owners and would never dream of charging, I consider it to be a priviledge to be allowed on their land.

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